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Jungkook woke up the next morning freezing as he realized he left his window open all night
"Oh no" he got up and closed the window but it was ti late

He sighed snd new he was about to get beat for leaving the window open

He walked down stairs and was meet with a hit to the face and ice cold water being dumped on him
"You stink"
His mother yelled as she gave him his clothes that where cleaned

He went to go check his clothes as he started to cry he hated it here he hated his life he wanted to leave he wanted to love his life after all he was 17 and his heat would be coming soon but what would his parents do? Nothing absolutely nothing they would let him die! They don't care about him apperently I'm somethinggggg they call a male Omega? And I can get pregnant? How the hell is that even possible like wtf? I have a dick! But at last I sigh and gi with it every once in awhile I here them saying something about blue blood but I have no idea what that is and I'm to afraid to ask

I snatched some sheets on my way back up to my room and a few apples and some dumplings I sighs and ran up to the Attic rapping my stuff in one if the sheets and put my stuffed bunny named kookie in the sheet to

"Today's the day" I started tieng the sheets together and let them hand out my window that I was small enough for his body to fit out of

It was 2 in the morning and jungkook let the sheets go down his house as he got out and shivers at the cold

"Burr" he creeped down his house as slow as he could and hoped down into the snow and smiled at the sky he had never been outside in his lofe he grabbed his stuff and started running as fast as he could into the woods not looking back and not knowing where he was going he ran and ran and ran until he stumbled to a bob wire fence that said "do not past", he heard footsteps and dogs behind him

"JUNGKOOK!!!" He heard his father yell as jungkook heard they he jumped through the Bob wire fence in time ti see his father stop and everything stop

He had just entered the bangtan mafia pack.... There territory...

He gasped and his father smirked  satisfied "have fun in hell" his father yelled at him as he toook off running not knowing where he was going or what was going to happen all of a sudden he feel into cold water it took over him and he gasped his vision becoming blurry and his heart beat could be heard

All went blank... He didn't feel anything or know anything maybe this was it maybe this is how it's supposed to be me dead lyinggg here like this? It kinda feels nice.

Then ...

He woke up to a hudge bright light and whined at how cold his body was

"W-where am I?"

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