Chapter 13 - Call For Obedience

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Matt and Alejandro waved their hands and kicked their legs back in the water in their bid to quickly swim across. They could no longer hear Adrianna's screams but that didn't stop their adrenaline rush. As soon as they hit land, they sprinted through the forest - jumping logs and slapping branches away. Matt cocked up the AK47 in his hands and Alejandro did the same with his shot gun.

They came to a gigantic tree and up above was Adrianna; wrapped up in a tight squeeze. Her face was turning purple and her eyes were wide open. The creature drew closer to her and opened its big mouth of razor sharp jaws. Its tongue licked Adrianna's face from her chin up and left a trail of sticky saliva.

Matt opened fire and hit the creature through its back. It hissed furiously and charged at him. With the corner of its eye, it saw Alejandro fire his shot gun. The bullet hit it on the side of its head and gooey blood splattered from the other side. The hold on Adrianna loosened and she let out a long gasp for air. She fell to the ground and landed on her back.

Despite the wounds inflicted upon it, the creature was still going strong. It charged at Adrianna with part of its head blown off. Adrianna tried to get up but she fell back down to her knee. She saw it get closer with its mouth spread wide open. Adrianna pulled out the dagger strapped to her leg and threw it at the creature. It pierced into its throat but that still didn't slow it down.

The creature was just about to bite Adrianna when it felt a tag on its tail. It turned back to see Matt and Alejandro pulling it back with all their might. The creature hissed demonically and raised its tail in the air.

It whipped it back and the men were sent flying into the trees. Alejandro arched his back as he gnashed his teeth in pain. Matt on the other hand, had the luck of only crushing through branches unlike Alejandro who was slammed against a tree.

Matt sprinted back to where the creature was. It saw him come and attacked him with its tail again. Matt jumped over it and ducked. He tucked and rolled over to the ground - snatching Alejandro's shotgun. While he laid down, Matt pulled the trigger but missed it.

The creature speared itself at Matt and he cocked the shotgun and fired again. This time he hit its shoulder but that only slowed it down. It went at him with everything it had when Fernanda appeared suddenly in front of Matt.

"Stop in the name of Jesus!" she commanded and the creature skidded to a halt.

It looked at her with wide eyes and slowly closed its mouth. The creature started to chuckle as it swayed side to side with its wide hips. Fernanda bravely stood her ground and eye balled it with no fear. Adrianna took the opportunity to get away from the open and at least hide somewhere. The creature saw Adrianna move and it shifted,

"Hold it right there. You are not going anywhere." Fernanda commanded it.

"Servant of God, why must you interfere with my meal times?" the creature spoke in Spanish.

"And why must you interfere in God's work?" Fernanda asked it back in English.

"This is my territory!" it screamed in English and raised itself high.

"No territory belongs to you daughter of Satan. God of Elijah, rain your fire down in the name of Jesus!"

To Matt and Adrianna's shock, fire appeared out of nowhere and set the creature ablaze. It shrieked in terror and dashed to the river. Nothing caught fire as it slid destructively through the forest. Jose jumped back in fright and fell down on his bottom when he saw it go into the river with a huge splash.

Matt got back to his feet. Adrianna went to Alejandro and helped him back up. Fernanda scowled at all of them and made her way back. They all said nothing but looked on surprised. It took not more than five minutes for her to get rid of the venomous creature but they struggled almost to the point of losing their lives.

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