🔹The beginning 🔹

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"Jeon jungkook!"

"Yes Mama?"

With this words jungkook earned a smack to the face that made him fall to the floor in pure pain as he rubbed his cheek pouting up at him mama

"Thank u for the attention mama"

His mother spat in his face and kicked him away from her

"Disgusting whore!"
She screamd at him and pointed to the attic where jungkook stayed most his kife and was only feed once a day he would always look out the small window and look up to the stars hoping to one day be free to live his kifr among the wolfs, the vampires, the humans, and the other hybrids such as himself he hated his life here but it was how he was raised he dose not know any better he just has to go with it


Jungkook heard his father yell from downstairs and he sighed getting off his pallet of blankets and going downstairs

"Yes appa?" He looked up at his father who was holding a whip

"How many times did u leave the attic today?"
His father asked with a growling tome

"4 times appa..."jungkook was only allowed to leave the attic 3 times a day he had a bucket to di his business in and a slot in the wall where his food was handed ti him

"Exactly" his father took the while and slapped jungkooks arm with it causing a scream to come from the boys mouth as he feel to the ground in complete whore not knowing what to so so he just scooted away

"Appa no!!!" He screamd as he was hit again then pushed

"Go upstairs u filthy slut your not good for anything around here!"

His father's words never bother jungkook he was used to it after all he got up and got his dinner witch was bread and some soup with the small bottle of water he walked up to the attic and sighs looking out the window and to the forest

"One day... One day I will leave ...and I will be happy!"

He ate his dinner and feel asleep on his blankets

Heyo! I'm back with a new story this just came to me randomly one day while i was laying in bed watching the Simpsons!🤣 I hope u enjoy and leave soke comments! Love you all🔹💙🔹

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