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Monday morning, Tripura pack both tiffin's, she comes to dinning room with cup of tea & breakfast tray, she keep it on dinning table & turn to go again in kitchen, but Karan hold Tripura's hand, pull her to him, she look him, he gesture her for seat, she take a sit on chair, he pull chair to him..

Tripura smile by his actions & ask him- what!

Karan hold her both hands in his & says- umm! Can I break your promise!

Tripura with smile, she correct his tie & she says him with casual tone- which baba!

Karan- about weekdays!

Tripura smiles & she set his hair & again says with casual tone- no, these won't possible..

Karan- it's not about us now, it's about our child, you need me..

Tripura caressing his cheek & says- I take care of myself & I take care of our child too, you can't break the promise..

Karan- but..

Tripura keep her index finger on his lips & says- no more discussion, please..

Karan softly kiss on her finger, & he hold her hand in his again, touch his forehead with her & says- promise me, you taking care of you & baby too..

Tripura- yeah!

Karan- doctor prescribed some medicine to you, right!

Tripura shook her neck in yes..

Karan- I'll remind you through message..

Tripura- yeah..

Karan- we meet on Friday night, after twelve, means Saturday start..

Tripura- ok, take care of Maa & Sherry..

Karan- sure! Don't think much about anything, stay stress free..

Tripura- you too..

Karan softly capture Tripura's lips in his, they both kiss for thirty seconds, & their cell's ring, they part themselves, he kissed her on forehead & says- take your meal on time, don't skip anything..

Tripura- yeah!

Karan- I'll drop to office then I pick to Sherry from home..

Tripura- no, she getting late for college, I'll go through bus..

Karan- no, it will harm for baby!

Tripura- it will not, till five months, I can travel in bus, after that, I'll travel through cab..

Karan cupped her face in his palms & stare her for moment & says- I love you so much, I always be with you, ok..

Tripura smile & she kiss him on forehead- I know that, now take your breakfast, I'll be late for office..

Karan- just I said, don't skip your any time meal..

Tripura- Karan I pack it, I'll eat in bus..

Karan- please, one apple for me, in front of me..

Tripura smile & says- stop being stubborn, otherwise, our baby will too stubborn, & I can't handle two stubborn baby at the same time..

Karan cut the apple & gives it to Tripura, she shook her head in disbelief & eat apple in front of him with silence, he look her & start to eat his food with smile..

Wedding day, Karan & his family reach first at magistrates office, Karan waiting for Tripura with curiosity, he well behaved in front of everyone but inside him, a one small boy jumping with excitement, a boy wants to know, Tripura like his saree or not, if she like it, then she drape his saree or not, if she drape his saree, then how is she look, a numerous questions pissing inside him, his curiosity on peak, & he message to Tripura..

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