Chpt.1 THIS is ME

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"Wake yo ugly ass up." My mother screamed. Uhhhh I hate dat bitch soo much I thought to myself.

Anyways... My name is ka'maya but people just call mya for short, im 16 years old, 5'3 big butt, long curly hair,I'm mixed with black and purter rican, and I can't forget I have mad shoe game and swag. I have one brother named Jayquan but we all call home jay jay and he has a daughter named Aaliyah she's 4 she's bad asf. Anyways my life is fucked up my momma is on drugs she can give 2 fucks about me and jay. My daddy is dead. He died in this gun war. My momma stared too be on drugs ever since my daddy died. I really missed him. Jay stepped up to the plate and took care of me. It really should be my momma but I guess life ain't perfect. But yea dis is my crazy life.

Ik it's short but I'll try to make it longer on the next chapter hope y'all enjoyed

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