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Author: Rhine


There was never really a ‘normal’ day with the 5SOS boys - least of all when you were on tour with them, travelling the world and attending concerts and interviews practically every other day.

You were lucky enough to be close friends with Calum at school, and even luckier that the rest of the band accepted you as one of them when he introduced you to the boys.

And this time, you were lucky that they invited you to come with them for their summer tour, and even luckier that their management and your parents could work something out.

Just like that, you were signed up for two undeniably incredible months with the four biggest dorks you knew, travelling the world together.

Lucky, indeed.


Your days always started abruptly with sound. Whether it be Ashton yelling excitedly over something or Luke singing off-key in the shower without a mute button, you were always launched straight into your day through the sound of one of their voices.

And you knew if you didn’t wake up from the sound of one of the boys, then it’ll be through the soft tickle of a marker on your face; probably Michael drawing something on your face again.

In all honesty, you weren’t quite sure which one you preferred.

You’d have to fight your way into the washroom, making sure you practically dead bolted the door - you weren’t taking your chances with any of them pulling pranks on you like what happened last time - taking your sweet time while they stood outside the door, either whining about how long you were taking or cracking jokes, trying to make you laugh and mess up your eyeliner.

They’d always be overdramatic when you’d finally come out of the washroom, but they’d never miss out on an opportunity to tell you how beautiful you are to them throughout the day.


Any and every meal would be like a war - running towards the food and grabbing what you could before it was gone, pouting at the boys when you only came out with half a burger and a meager collection of fries, or a war-torn pizza slice. They’d laugh at you while they ate from their own plates that usually consisted of enough food to feed a small family, teasing you for being slow and too tiny for them. 

But they’d always slip some of their food onto your plate when they thought you weren’t looking. A handful of fries from Luke. Some chips from Calum. A couple of meatballs from Ashton. And a mozzarella stick from Michael - only after the rest of the boys nudged and glared at him until he grudgingly handed you a single stick. That pig.

But they always let you have first pick when it came to dessert without any complaints, waiting as you took an agonizingly long time to choose what you wanted.


Shows were the best because you always got backstage pass and a front row seat. Playing tag in the stadiums, leapfrogging onto the stage, banging on Ashton’s drums - even though the boys had to do their sound check and practice, they always managed to do a game of hide-and-seek with you (sometimes ‘forgetting’ to find you again, those jerks) and laughed as you danced crazily by yourself in the empty stadium as they practiced, hair flying and limbs swinging, lost in the music.

We’ve brought a nutcase with us onto our tour, they’d laugh at your breathless form, hair in a mess but eyes glowing with elation.

A nutcase who likes your stupid band at least, you’d shoot back with a grin that stretched your face. 


You’d be there backstage before every show, fussing over them before the show started and huddled in a circle with them before they left for the stage. You’d be there to hold Luke’s shaking hands before he stepped out, smiling at him encouragingly. You’d be the one who runs onstage with new drumsticks when Ashton accidentally breaks his again; the one who’d sing along to every one of Calum’s lines at the top of your lungs.

And you’d be the one who’d headbang with Michael because let’s face it - the whole band knows that’s your specialty, and not even Michael Clifford can compete with your moves.


But at the end of the day, you were there on the tour as a friend to the boys - the one who’s there for them when they’re at their lows, even on tour. 

You’re the first one Calum finds when he needs to talk about something weighing him down, or the one who tells the crew to give Luke a minute when he just wants a moment to himself. You’re the one Ashton goes to when he just needs someone to cuddle, and you’re the one who’ll make Michael pizza and finish a family-sized bag of Doritos with him at three in the morning when he’s in a funk. 

You’re the one running with blankets and hot soup when one of them is sick, the one always ready with hot tea when one of them has a sore throat. You’re the one who ties up all their phones and hides them when the hate gets to be too much and you’re the one who organizes a bad movie night to get their minds off of it.

It’s just what friends do. 

You have their back, just like how they have yours.

Just like how Luke is always guiding you through fan-packed buildings, holding your hand tight and using his body as a shield against some of the crazier fans, constantly checking up on you.

Like how Calum just sits besides you when you’re homesick, offering his shoulder for you to lean on - you didn’t need his words, you needed something solid and he always gave you that. 

Like how Ashton never fails to make you laugh even when you’d be down from the hate, whether it be through a bad joke or a silly face or a crazy dance  - he’d always make your days bright again.

Like how Michael would try his hardest to get you out of bed when you were just having one those days where you’d just give up, wrapped in your blankets and he’d come along with a bowl full of your favourite ice cream, nudging it to your face with a smile on his own.

You couldn’t ask for better friends than these four incredible dorks.


Your days on tour with 5SOS were made up of shows and interviews and keeks that the rest of the world saw, but behind the scenes that only you and the boys lived. 

Getting lost in a new city with four loudly confused boys, fighting over who gets the map and ending up eating at a new restaurant, choosing the strangest foods from the menu and daring each other to eat it but end up fighting over who gets to lick the plate.

Piggyback races in the parking lots as the bus filled up on gas and having one of the boys carry you back to your bed when the show ended a little too late, having fell asleep while you waited for the boys to finish cleaning up the set.

Midnight movies and conversations ranging from llamas in an interview to your deepest dreams in the ungodly hours of the night, the sun rising in the windows.

Seeing who could find the coolest shape in the clouds as they passed by the bus and flying over them on planes to another continent, another world. Counting stars when none of you could sleep and naming a wish for every one to seeing four of the brightest stars tear up a show, leaving their hearts on the stage as they lived their dreams.

Nothing quite made you happier than being a part of their dream, being able to live in it for a short while, being lucky enough to call them your closest friends. 

It was a summer spent on an amazing tour that you’d never forget.

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