Rim of the world

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We were heading someplace. We were walking when I say Gabriel's eyes tear up. I grabbed his hands and placed our foreheads with each other then Darius had to be a asshole and break the moment. What's up with chico" Darius said. This is my street" gabriel said with tears. Great then can we go in your house" Alex said. It's my house, but it's not my home" he said. We got to the house and saw it was a mess. I really don't care though. We all found food and talked. Sorry for hitting you Mia earlier" Darius said. I forgave him and everyone looked at me. Oh yall think I'm apologizing" I said. Tssh yall got me messed up" I said. Zhen looked at me those dead eyes. Gosh stop it, it hurts" I said. She continued doing it until I broke. Fine fine I'm sorry to Darius, now please stop zhen" I begged. I was day dreaming when Darius was talking about being a pimp. Wouldmt me and...before I said anything else I realized I was speaking out loud and I quickly covered my mouth. What's your backstory" I ask gabriel. What's yours" he asked me. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours" I said. My dad left when was 10. So I got a job as a bag boy at the place my mom worked at. Numbers I get them mixed up in my unless there written down in front of me. Ny mom left the cash register and I was helping a customer. He accused me of stealing. I assumed I gave him the wrong change and next thing I new I decked him and broke his nose" gabriel said. I whispered in zhens ear he looks so sexy right now. Guess I was being loud because the boys all heard he and asked who he. I ignored them. So want to know my backstory" I said. They all nodded. So when I was 8 my dad died. We use to spend so much time together. We actually loved each other. My mom on the other hand didnt give a shit about me or my dad. All she cared about was the precious little apple company she owned. My mom remarried my stepdad. I used to like him until he got further into a relationship with my mother. I found out he was using my mom for money. I tried to tell my mom but he would threaten...I stopped. Do what" Darius asked. He would do things to me. So I didnt say anything. 3 years into the relationship he became more abusive towards me. He would call me names and kick,punch, slap. Anything that would hurt me he would do. Do you have any bruises" gabriel asked. Yea wanna see. They all nodded. Zhen was intrigued because I never told her. Before I could do anything it was a roar. Zhen signaled for us to shush. After the noise I showed them my bruises. You cant choose your family"  I said. But you can always make a new one" zhen said holding my hand. Come on let's take a picture" zhen said. We all took one.  zhen headed off the bathroom to change. I had no where to go so I went in the room to the guys talking. Hey" I said ad they stared at me. I started taking my shirt off. They guys screamed. What's wrong" I said as I turned around I saw there faces red. As i held my tittes up so they wouldnt see shit. Guess I'll leave" I said. No you can stay" gabriel and Darius said. I nodded as they left. I knew they really didnt leave. I knew they were spying on me so I gave a little show. I took off my pants slowly to reavel the same red lace underwear. I held my chest as I heard the guys whispering. I opened the door with no clothes on except for my panties. I held my arm over my titties. Have you guys seen my bra" I said. They all stare st my body and just say no. It's in here with me mia" zhen called. Ok thanks" I said trying to move but the boys stuck in place. I snapped and they moved again. I decided to tease them so I ran to the bathroom with my ass shaking. I walked back and put on my bra. Me and zhen locked arm in arm. This is my outfit

Nobody was talking so I broke the silence

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Nobody was talking so I broke the silence. Since there are only two beds one of you sleep with me and the other with zen" I said as they all rushed out the room.

Gabriel's POV

wait did she just say one of us cab sleep with her" I asked

Maybe we heard her wrong" Alex said

I volunteer myself to the group to sleep with the girls" Darius said

Which one" I asked getting agitated

Mia. Since I have the most experience" Darius said

I scoffed. At what? Not getting any" I said

Better than your little jellmates" Darius said

Look all I'm saying is, Alex and zhen have a connection" I state

We do" Alex said

Me and Mia have a connection too so stop cock blocking" I said

Fine I wont cock block, be free" Darius said as soon as he said that Mia walked out the room.


Darius us there something your not telling me" I said

What are you doing up" Alex asked

I whispered in his ear. To get water and also zhen wants you in the bed with her. I said it loud enough for Alex to hear. Alex left. I felt like I was being gawked at. I turned around to see Gabriel and Darius staring at me.

So what are you doing in here" gabriel asked while stuttering. I held up my glass and decided to tease them. I walked to Darius and whispered in his ear I'll be waiting. As I said that his eyes widened and he immediately turned red. I turned to gabriel and whispered for you. As i said that i bit his ear softly. They let out a moan. I grabbed my water and was about to walk in the room. Oh and guys handle your problems down there if you know what I mean. They both ran to the bathroom. I chuckled and played in bed

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