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"As I told you, It's not the end. Maybe if people die, that's it. But I still don't want to, I want to live with the people I love. I hope everyone is doing fine, he is doing fine."


"Let's greet Yeji, a happy birthday. It's her birthday today!" Dahyun said. It's the second day of their concert in Korea.

"Saeng-il chukahamnida, saeng-il chukahamnida, saranghaneun Yeji-ssi, saeng-il chukahamnida!" Fans sang.

"How about-" She stopped when everyone starts singing again.

"Saeng-il chukahamnida, saeng-il chukahamnida, saranghaneun Dahyunnnie, saeng-il chukahamnida!" Dahyun smiled, she hide her face because she can't help but cry. Momo approached her, TWICE members are singing with ONCE. Chaeyoung approached her too.

It's Dahyun's birthday again in two days. She's alone again, BTS started their concert again, BlackPink also. After their first concert in Seoul, they will be having their vacation. TWICE members are going home and will be staying with their families, except for Dahyun. She will be celebrating alone.

The concert ended, TWICE took pictures with their hoobaes, Stray Kids and ITZY. They ended the show successfully, TWICE members already left and travelled for vacation. Dahyun went home and rested. She sent TWICE members a message to enjoy their vacation.

Dahyun took a nap when she entered her room.


BTS ended their concert in Brazil, Jimin and Jungkook cried.

"Are you two okay?" Jin asked, Jimin nodded, Jungkook didn't answer. They're sitting on both edges of the chair. Jin entered their waiting room, Jungkook leaned on the wall. Jimin and him are just quiet.

"Why did you cry?" Jimin asked Jungkook. Jungkook closed his eyes. "Are you okay with Dahyun?" Jungkook stood up and left.


"Dahyun Happy Birthday VLive, oh! I must watch this before I go to sleep later." Jin said, Jungkook heard him. Jungkook checked his phone and saw It.


Dahyun is alone in their house and prepared for her birthday. She's given three cakes and gifts.

"Thank you so much." She bowed while JYP staffs helped her arranging everything for her VLive.

"Are you sure you're not tired?" A staff asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. Thank you for your concern, sir." She smiled, they left her in the house and she set-up her cellphone in front of everything for her birthday and wear a T-shirt 'Today is my Birthday'.

Her VLive started, she's tried smiling. It's her twenty second birthday. Many people are watching her VLive.

"Today is my birthday! Who says I'm alone, I'm not. I'm with the fans! Our ONCE, I love you!" She cheered, she showed her being extra on the VLive. Other TWICE members called her to greet her happy birthday. BTS also greeted her through message and she just thanked everyone who greeted her, Jungkook watched it secretly, Jin is watching with Namjoon and Jimin.


The VLive ended, Jimin is happy on Dahyun's birthday and tried calling her.

("Hello? Jimin sunbaenim?")

"Sunbaenim again?"

("What am I suppose to call you, I'm more comfortable with it.") Jimin chuckled.

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