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Warning : Slight disturbing contents.

Author's POV
( I guess that you guys can bear my POV for sometime. Trust me, I won't bore you guys ! 😂😂 " )

" Don't call him ! If you will do anything like that then I will cut my wrist. I want to go home...My home. Don't call him ! " Ayesha yelled.

Meena's eyes widened up at Ayesha's statement. Her legs were trembling on seeing the sight in front of her.

Never she had thought that the girl who used to smile all day long will be threatening her one day to take her own life.

" AYESHA ! No... No my child. Don't do anything stupid ! You don't want me to call Neil baba then I won't. I will myself drop you back to your home but then leave that glass piece, please ! " pleaded the old lady.

Ayesha shook her head like a child and said, " No... First allow me to leave this house and then only I will let go of this glass piece . " Ayesha said in a broken voice.

" I will... My child I will. " Meena said while taking out her phone. She thought that it was best to indulge Ayesha in a conversation and at the same time call Neil to inform him about Ayesha's condition.

She was about to call Neil when Ayesha saw the phone which Meena was trying her best to hide behind her apron.

" What's that ? A phone ? " Ayesha said trying her best to take a look of the object which Meena was hiding.

" N.. No... " Meena said.

" Yes... You are shuttering which means you are lying. " Ayesha said pressing up the glass piece into her wrist.

" See this blood ! You lied but then I, Ayesha Raichand never lies. I told you that I will cut my wrist and now see this. " Ayesha said showing Meena her wrist which was now red with her blood.

" Swapnil !! " Meena shouted.

Swapnil came to the room within a few seconds.

" Yes, Ma'am... " He said looking at Meena. He followed Meena's gaze and saw Ayesha.

" Ayesha... What have you done ? " He asked.

" I did what I had said. Now, both of you please get aside and allow me to leave. " Ayesha said walking towards them.

Swapnil tried his best to stop Ayesha.

" Ahhhhhh... Allow me to go. If now you will still try to stop me then I will stab on my stomach. " She threatened.

" Swa... Swapnil. Don't stop her. Let her go ! She's serious. " Meena said.

Swapnil gave a look of disbelief to Meena but then agreed to her looking at the fear in her eyes. He ordered the other bodyguards to allow Ayesha to leave.

Ayesha stepped out of the mansion and hired a cab. She then went straight to the place where she finds her peace.

She went to her Shaila mom...

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