nineteen 🗝

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Jiyeon wondered why Changbin was absent. They had no practice today, so where was he? Looking for him wasn't really part of her daily routine but she suddenly missed him teasing her all the time.

And it seems like her day isn't complete without seeing the boy. What is she actually feeling?

She texted Changbin a few times but no reply, so she decided to come to his house after school.

As soon as she opened the garage door, she saw a sight she wished she had never seen.

A random girl was hugging Seo Changbin and he hugged her back, tightly.

Jisung was also there but he was in awe, he didn't noticed Jiyeon, not until he heard the door closed.

"Who was that?" He asked to no one in particular and walked towards the door, leaving the couple who was still having their moment.

As soon as Jisung opens the door, he met face to face with Jiyeon, "W-what are you doing here?"

Jiyeon tried to compose herself as she spotted Changbin letting go of the girl and walking towards them, "Jiyeon?"

She handed Jisung a box which still has cupcakes inside, "Just give this to Changbin. Tell him, I'll be absent tomorrow."

She hurriedly turned her back and walked faster, ignoring the calls of the two boys.

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"She's not answering her phone." Hyunjin says, throwing his phone on the cafeteria table. It was lunch and the guys decided to meet up regarding the new situation.

Jisung frowns, "You should've seen her face yesterday, it was so heartbreaking."

"Does she really like Changbin hyung?" Felix asked.

"We can't answer that lix. Noona's the only one who knows," Seungmin says from the corner of the table. "But if she was upset from what she saw, it has to mean something?"

"Oh my god..." Felix mutters, looking outside. He motioned to the three boys, "Why are they eating over there?"

Jisung was the first to follow Felix' gaze. Both of them spotted Chaeyoung and Changbin eating outside, "Maybe there are no available tables?"

Hyunjin rolled his eyes, "The cafeteria isn't even full." He pushed his plate away, "This is why I told you guys to eat at the college canteen. They serve better food."

"Not according to Minho hyung, he hates it here," Felix answered.

"Of course he does," Seungmin joined the conversation. "The cafeteria was a witness to him and Dahyun noona's on and off relationship."

Jisung knocked on the table, "Back to Jiyeon please,"

Seungmin nods, "Right, what do we do?"

"Let me try and talk to Noona at practice tonight. Maybe she'll tell me."

Felix snickers at Hyunjin's suggestion, "As if she'll tell you. She won't even tell Jisung, and they're closer."

"Then I'll just ask Jeongin!"

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