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"So you're a damn superhero now?" Adrianne asked her as they pulled up out of the hospital parking lot. The air was golden as the sun set on the horizon ahead, spilling light onto them. Sadie leaned back in her seat letting her mahogany skin soak in the sun- she'd spent most of the day in that bed in that dark bunker, unable to move. Now, she revelled in the light.

"No, absolutely not," Sadie laughed, still beaming from her earlier conversation with Steve. "I just helped out a friend."

"A friend, huh?" her best friend glanced over at her, shaking her head with a smile. "Thought he was your patient."

"Same difference."

"Much difference," Adrianne said. She was right.

"How is everyone, anyway?" Sadie asked, eager to change the topic. "Did you guys miss me? I can't wait to see Sophia and little Jacob."

In fact, Sadie hadn't been able to take her two god-children off her mind all day, wondering how the Valentina family were doing. Only a few more hours before she'd see those gems again.

"Hell yeah we did," Adrianne laughed. "We missed you, your residents missed you, heck even the hospital board missed you."

Isadora asked, hopefully. "They're not mad?"

"Oh they're mad alright," Adrianne said, before grinning. "But they've been mad before."

"How did my Chief Resident do?"

"God, so many questions!"

"Yeah, but I gotta know if I'm gonna be starting back tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Adrianne exclaimed, and the car behind them beeped for them to move once the light turned green. "No, no, no, you gotta get some rest! Plus you need to pass the standard psych eval too."

"I'm fine," Sadie said, but she knew her friend was right. If she wanted to practise again, she had to show that she wasn't suffering any trauma. She looked down at her hands. "And what about these? Do I have to do tests for those too?"

Adrianne was quiet for a moment. "I shouldn't say this, Sadie-"

"Just say it," she told her, gripping the car door as she took deep breaths.

"You're still allowed to come back to work, as far as I know, I haven't heard anything different," Adrianne started. A brilliant start. "But the Chief Resident kind of had a nervous breakdown with all the work suddenly in her lap, and then you were on the news and everyone knew about your powers and... they've temporarily replaced you as Chief of Medicine."

"McCoy had a nervous breakdown?" Sadie's stomach dropped with guilt as she took a deep breath. The bubbly young doctor had always been eager to work, and had a well balanced working life- that was why Sadie selected her as Chief. And she hadn't thought twice about ruining that. "Oh my god, I made the stupidest decision, this is all my fault! Is she off work? I have to visit her- apologise!"

"Sadie," Adrianne said. "She's fine now. She'll be coming back to work real soon. In fact- Sarah took the chance to use this as a city break and now she's been to goddamn India so she's fine!"

It still didn't make her feel any better, but it was a relief. "Who'd they replace me with?"

"You're not gonna like it," Adrianne cringed. "Benjamin Asshole Wyatt."

Sadie looked at her best friend with a deadpan expression. "Lies."

Doctor Benjamin Wyatt was a neurologist at New York Presbyterian. He was handsome, and charming, and intelligent and manipulative and arrogant and uncaring. And he had broken Sadie's heart more times than she could count.

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