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Two days left for the project and Jiyeon's been earning money from left to right, with the help of the boys. No one has been able to complete the 9 set of cupcakes because she refused to sell Jeongin's until the last day.

"So for this day, Jiyeon and Changbin are in the lead with over 500 cupcakes sold in three days."

Jiyeon smiles as murmurs were heard from the room.

"Jiyeon knows what the customers want."

"She's a genius, I tell you that!"

"We can't keep up with her, it's already a tough score to beat."

Chan tapped her shoulder, "I don't know if you're the devil or a mad genius."

"Mad genius," Lucas answers from beside her. "That's the perfect title for her."

"How did you come up with that contest thing anyway?" Yoojung who was sitting in front of her, turned around to talk.

Jiyeon shrugs, "Trust me, when you have 9 boys waiting at your beck and call, you'll learn how to use them to your advantage."

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Changbin decided to skip school today. He was a bit pissed at Minho for pointing out his feelings. So what if he still likes Chaeyoung? Is it bad waiting for someone who left you?

"Yes, yes, it is," He suddenly heard a voice from behind. He turns around and found Jisung.

"What are you doing here? It's not even dismissal yet,"

Jisung looked at the clock located at Changbin's garage, "I skip the last period. Chan hyung notice you weren't in school so I volunteered to find you."

"Well, you found me," Changbin answers, drinking from his water bottle.

Jisung hesitated to ask the question, but he was curious. "Hyung, the truth, do you still have feelings for Chaeyoung noona?"

Chaeyoung. She was Changbin's ex-girlfriend. They got together because of a stupid bet, but they liked each other - or maybe Changbin liked her a lot more.

He was her first girlfriend and his friends had called him whipped. All he ever talk about was Chaeyoung this, Chaeyoung that. It was getting a bit annoying.

Chan tried to find ways to distract Changbin, but he wasn't succesful. Until Seungmin saw Chaeyoung with another guy at the airport. Days later, Changbin decided to end the relationship and Chaeyoung instantly agreed.

Two years later, he met face to face with Jiyeon at the library. She was looking for this book and he decided to help.

He saw how alike Chaeyoung and Jiyeon were, and when Chan decided to enter a contest and asked for one more member, Changbin instantly suggested Jeongin.

In order for him to get close to Jiyeon, challenge her into a bet and win. Just so he could feel satisfied that for once in his life, he didn't lose.

But he ended losing once again, in the name of cupid.

He heard Jisung shuffling from the side. He was looking at some of the picture frames, "Hyung, Minho hyung is right. What's the point of waiting for her anyway?"

"I didn't ask for your opinion, Ji."

"But I know deep down you've already fallen for Jiyeon. So why deny it?"

"You don't understand." He says. "It's complicated."

"Then make me - make us understand. Hyung, she's really special to me and I don't like seeing her get hurt. You saw the way she looks at you."

"I know, because it's the same way you look at her."

Before Jisung could speak or react to that statement, a girl about Changbin's age suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The boys widen their eyes, not expecting her arrival.

"Hey Changbin. Hi Jisung."

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