Chapter 24

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I woke up with my head throbbing like never before. Not the best way to wake up, I can assure you. My head was not only throbbing, but spinning, whining. Almost to the point where I wanted to bash my head in. Who the hell had the audacity to do this to me? But they shouldn't worry too much, I was gonna get them. Good.
     I finally opened by eyes, only to see exactly what I had expected to see. Bars and the creepy Frankenstein laboratory. Great. Just fucking great. I couldn't believe it myself, but I'd prefer the Skybox above this shithole. At least I wasn't going to suffer whilst being executed. The Ark at least had the audacity to make it quick. The whole room had this weird grey aura, as if it was placed in some silent film. Cages were placed in to lines and between the two lines, there was a creepy metal table. No doubt the place where Frankenstein would create his monster. And there came Frankenstein.
     Dr. Tsing entered the lab, immediately setting her course towards me. I couldn't wait to cut this bitch. Pardon my French. She strolled casually towards me, arrogant as ever. The true Bond villain. She had finally made her way to my cage, which by the way didn't feel good to be in if anyone was in doubt.
     "How are we feeling today?" Dr. Tsing asked, smiling gently to me. What I couldn't give to whip that stupid smile off her face.
     "Like someone bashed my head in to use me in some freak experiment to help herself and her people get above ground, which by the way, is severely overrated," I replied, my amount of sass clearly not amusing her. Dr. Tsing scoffed before making her way to the metal table in the middle of the lab or prison or whatever the hell this was.
     "I would do whatever it takes to get to the ground. Yes, I feel bad for the kids who has to make the sacrifice necessary to get us there. But you, I can't wait to see fulfill your destiny," Dr. Tsing said, not looking away from whatever she was preparing on the metal table. The table of doom.
     "Well, get in line," I said, thinking of all the enemies I had gathered through my 17 years alive, possibly 18. Who knew how long we'd been here? Dr. Tsing scoffed, before moving back towards me. Behind her came two men, clearly her guard dogs. They were big, perhaps too big, but I'd fought off worse. And I definitely wasn't going down without a fight.
     As they neared my cage, I couldn't help but force myself as far away from the cage opening. Dr. Tsing scoffed once again. Was that woman capable of anything else?
     "Are we going to play nice, Alice?" She asked me whilst sending a sinister smile. And here I thought Wally was our biggest Bond villain.
     "Are you going to let me go, whatever your first name is?" I asked in return.
     "Take her," Dr. Tsing demanded, clearly done with our little verbal cat fight. Just as she had said it, the two guards opened the cage door then grabbed my arms, forcing me out. That hurt a lot more than expected. Just as they had gotten me out of the cage and on my feet, I kicked the guard on my left in the kneecap. He fell down, groaning in pain, whilst the other guard got a better hold of me, restricting my every movement. Well, I took down one. The guard I had kicked slowly found his way on his feet, sending me a glare that could've finished me off quicker than Dr. Tsing. I sent him an innocent smile, resulting in him clenching his jaw. Well, that was fun.
     "Bring her here," Dr. Tsing said, clearly not faced by what had just happened. "And use the strong ones, this one is a fighter as you just witnessed." As both guards now had a hold of my arms, they slowly moved me towards the table of doom. This was so not happening. No way. I had to get away. I couldn't die now. I lived through the Ark. I lived through the SkyBox. I lived through coming to Earth. I lived through countless attacks from the grounders. I lived through nightmares coming to life. I didn't live then just to die now.
     I began pulling my arms towards me, trying to get loose from the guards' grip. As we neared the table, I started pulling harder, but they weren't caving in. I felt myself get dizzy, my feet slowly caving in.
     "Please..." I begged Dr. Tsing. I felt tears running down my cheeks. I wasn't ready to die. "I'll do anything." But she didn't cave. They strapped me down to the metal table. There was no escaping. The tears kept falling as I closed my eyes.

I felt nothing. With every fiber in my body, I felt nothing. No more fighting. No more love. No more hatred. No more jealousy. No more happiness. Only pain. I felt weak. Powerless. Like a puppet, being forced to dance the same old dance as always. I sat in my cage, feeling oddly safe. I was held captive, but they were held out. They had broken me.
     I didn't even care when I saw the countless other Ark kids dead. Not that I would've cared before. My tears had tried up. There was no tears left to cry. No sadness to be felt. I knew what I had to do. I had to die. The sooner the better.
     I couldn't sleep. Every time I tried to close my eyes, I felt that pain over and over again. No, it was better to stay awake. I didn't have long before the time would come, the time where I would never wake up again. I hardly noticed the other kids' screams anymore. I was numb. Full of nothing. The screaming would stop, only to start again when the next kid would be strapped to the table. Only one sound didn't sound like screaming.
     "You ready for the last treatment you'll ever need lieutenant?" Dr. Tsing asked some Lieutenant I didn't bother finding out who was.
     "You have no idea," he replied. "I've been waiting my whole life for fresh air." That's when another voice got picked up.
     "Let's get back to the secret army that she claims to have. She tell you anything that might help us find it?" The voice said. This voice I recognized. That was Wally junior. He was interrupted by the sound of drilling. "Stop drilling, please." He demanded.
     "The window for extraction after death is incredibly short," Dr. Tsing replied. "And we only have a few ones left, including our tamed bitch Alice."
     "It'll only take a minute."
     "No, sir. She said nothing about the army," the lieutenant replied. "She did say she was coming for you and if we let her people go, she'll let out people live."
     "That's a little late for that."
     "I'm sorry I failed you, sir," the lieutenant said. He really was pathetic.
     "No, it's okay. We'll finish the job tonight," the new president said. What job? "Whitman just radioed in. Apparently, there's a war council meeting happening tonight in one of their villages and all the leaders are gonna be there." Oh, how it must suck to be a leader.
     That's when I couldn't hold my ground anymore. I was too tired. It all hurt too much. I had already lost, so why not just admit defeat.

I gasped, tried to sit up. I tried everything. But nothing would cave in. Nothing would stop her now. This wasn't a joke anymore, or something to be made into some sarcastic comment. Dr. Tsing stood above me, caressing my hair. She smiled down at me.
     "Are you ready to begin?" She asked, almost as if she was talking to a little child. The tears kept falling. I shook my head, my vision blurry. I let out a sob. I was weak. But I didn't care. Dr. Tsing moved to my side, removing the part of my pants that was covering my pelvis. I let out another sob, preparing myself for the worst.
     It didn't hurt as I expected it to. I expected it to be a sharp pain, a sort of quick pain, but it wasn't. Oh how I got that wrong. It was a slow pain, a numbing pain. A consuming pain. My breath hitched and I could feel myself slowly slipping away. I could feel the metal against my bone. I could feel the needle making its way through me. I felt everything and nothing. Of all the pain I'd felt, nothing compared to this. Not bashing my head in, not getting sick because of biological warfare. Not the pain of losing Charlotte. Not even the pain of losing my mother. No, I'd rather live through that again than lay there, on the metal table with Dr. Tsing above me, needle imbedded in my bone. 
     "It hurts," I cried out, trying to catch the eye of Dr. Tsing, the guards, anyone. "It hurts. Just make it stop." She didn't even look up. "Please make it stop."
     "It hurts"

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