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I don't know what to do the person was lying on road lifeless . I cannot able to help him because goons are following me. Without step down the car i call the ambulance. After 2-3 minutes ambulance arrive . We reach hospital. Doctors say the person was in critical stage.
With fear I call her my parents. My dad, mom, brother are arrived. They console me. After few minutes the person family is arrived. They are looking like directly coming from function. I started to cry i don't know what to do other than crying.
Doctor arrive and tell he is safe now. I feel better hearing my lips started to smile little but next second my smile face away doctor said the person lost his mental stability . All members of his family started coming near me. Slowly my vision started to blur i fainted.
After sometime
I open my eyes i saw my family members are fighting with his family member. Why they are fighting if anything happen to this person no no . Negative thoughts was occupied in my mind.

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