Got you in my tentacles

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"EEEEEEEeeeeeee!" Anna shrieked, jumping up on a chair. She had been sweeping the kitchen in rubber boots.

Chara's head popped up from behind the sofa, where she'd been cleaning the floor. The two girls had been scrubbing their new condo clean for nearly two days straight. "What? What!?"

Anna squealed and shook on the chair, shivering and hopping around with her eyes scrunched closed.

Chara pushed herself up and rushed over to see what the fuss was about. There, on the kitchen floor, was a centipede about a foot long. The ugly brown and red worm-like creature wriggled to a corner, its fat tentacle-like legs wiggling alongside it. Chara had never seen anything like it--it looked like an alien. "What. Is. That!?" Chara was squealing now too.

Anna moaned, still hopping about on the chair. "It's a centipede," she cried, whimpering. "They're super dangerous and this one is massive. They're almost impossible to kill. You have to crush them."

"What do we do!?" Chara exclaimed, too scared to take another step into the kitchen.

"Call Jak!" Anna blurted out frantically.

Chara ran to the coffee table to grab Anna's phone and dialed Jak. He said he'd be right there as quick as he could.

The two girls were pretty much frozen in place until he got there. They didn't want to go onto the patio, for fear there were more of the horrible creatures out there, nor did they want to lose sight of the thing, for fear of having it as a permanent house guest.

Finally, Jak burst through the door heroically.

"Alright, let's see it then!" he blurted out, shaking his head and smiling at Anna, who was still perched on top of the chair. Anna pointed to the corner, where the huge centipede was trying to hide.

He removed his flip flop and walked to it carefully. When he was close enough, he lifted it up and smacked it down right on top of the centipede, which tried to wriggle away with its squashed body. But Jak was too quick, bringing his flip flop down on the insect again and again and again until just its head was still wriggling. He brought down one last fatal smack on its head, and the wriggling stopped altogether.

"There!" he announced, satisfied. "Broom and dustpan please."

Anna finally dismounted her chair and handed him the broom and pan she'd been using. He swept up the dead insect carcass and took it to the bathroom, where they heard him flush it down the toilet.

Jak smacked his hands together in an accomplished way as he sauntered back into the living room. Chara and Anna had resumed their duties.

"Thank you so much, Jak!" Chara cooed from the floor by the sofa.

"No worries. Happy to help. I've gotta jet back to the bar. Tonnes to do today. You girls alright, otherwise?" He asked.

They shook their heads. "Thanks, Jak!" Anna sang as he put his flip flop back on.

"Pop by the bar later on for a drink after a long day of hard work if you like, girls!" Jak suggested before shutting the door behind him.


Chara misted the window cleaner onto the glass and rubbed it hard with newspaper. The living room windows were coming clean, but not easily. She pushed all of her weight on her arm.

The clouded glass became clearer and clearer the more aggressively she rubbed, and Chara looked through the transparent parts of the glass at the darkening horizon.

There weren't often many stars in the sky over Haad Rin, but Chara picked out one that twinkled beside the moon this evening.

Så alla grabbar jag vill lira med, såklart!

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