You/Katie McGrath - Queen/Maid

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Summary: I'll be writing Katie as Morgana. Instead of her losing to Arthur and Merlin, Morgana ends up keeping the throne. She chooses you to be her maid.

You were left to your own devices to clean Morgana's room. It's been two weeks since she decided to keep you alive as her maid. For the past two weeks, she would either be with you or have one of her guards keep an eye on you. Finally at the end of the two weeks, she decided to leave you alone.

You used this opportunity to get to know more about her. Cabinets and drawers were searched yet nothing out of the ordinary was seen.

"Were you looking for something?" You hear from the door. A guilty expression appeared and you looked down on the floor.

"No, My Queen. I..I was just curious. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

Morgana was silent as she walked towards you.

"You didn't mean to? You didn't mean to look through just about everything to search for whatever it was you were looking for?"

You could hear the anger in her tone and it made you nervous. When you looked up, Morgana was thrown off when she saw the tears streaming down your face.

"Please don't kill me. I won't do it again. I'll prove to you that I can be trusted." You begged.

"Quiet. You're only begging because you got caught." Morgana stayed quiet for a couple of seconds as she thought about what she could do to you. "I'll have you by my side at all times. If you're not with me, you'll be assigned a guard to keep watch." She didn't wait for a response as she latched a bracelet on to you. "I have to take precautions. This is meant to make sure that you don't leave the castle. Only I can take it off. Follow me. I have a lot to do." She walked out of the room, not bothering to turn around as she expected that you would follow.

You spent the rest of the day following her around. Her sister kept giving you dirty looks but soon stopped when Morgana noticed. The time you spent following her around, gave you the opportunity to see who Morgana was and it surprised you. She was kind and genuinely cared about her subjects. She listened to their troubles and actually offered to help them. This wasn't what you were expecting. All you would hear were stories about how she was cruel and unforgiving. That her main goal in life was to kill as many that did not have magic. It intrigued you and you wanted to know more about her.

"I am quite surprised that you haven't done anything ridiculous to end up having me to kill you." You heard one day.

It had been almost an entire month of following her like a lost puppy and doing what she commanded.

"I'm quite happy with our arrangement. You keep me healthy and fed along with a couple of other things." You answered. The truth was, you never wanted to leave her side. As the month went on, all you wanted was to get closer to her. To befriend her, let her confide in you and that's all you've been wanting. "I cannot have a servant that won't have the energy to do anything." You couldn't help but smile at her answer. This was because you knew the truth. She had come to actually care about you.

Months passed and the two of you grew extremely close. Morgana was not following through with her demands of having you trail around her or make a guard watch you. You were now free to roam around the castle whenever she was occupied. And you took complete advantage of that. Most of your afternoons were spent at the library learning about the different stories that had been told throughout the years of Camelot and you loved every one of them.

"I thought I would find you here." You hear from the door. You looked up to find Morgana smiling down at you. "Morgana! I thought you would be stuck with your council." You bookmarked your page and stood up to give her a hug. Neither one of you said anything when the hug lasted longer than any friendship hug. "I was able to leave early and I thought I could spend some time with you." She said nervously. You had never seen her behave like this. She was always so commanding and sure of herself that this side of her surprised you. "Of course. You know I love your company." "Perfect. I hope you're hungry because we're going out to a picnic." Taking you hand, she led you out to the stables where the two of you mounted a horse and followed the trail to the forest. You didn't even notice that this had been the first time that you've been out of the castle since you were too focused on remembering how you suddenly felt butterflies in your stomach.

"I was able to get the cook to make us your favorite." She began taking everything out of the basket that had already been left out for the two of you. "You didn't have to. I know how much you hate it." She shook her head and offered you a smile. "It's not my favorite but it's quite delicious." With that, the two of you ate silently, simply happy to enjoy the peace and quiet. What the two of you were not aware of was that you both kept thinking about each other and everything that had happened for the  past couple of months. "I need to tell you something. The actual reason why I brought you here." She took your hand and pulled off the bracelet that had been on your wrist since the beginning. Your eyes widened at the action and turned to face her. "These past couple of months have been amazing. I loved getting to know everything about you. All your quirks and such. As each day passed, I realized that I had come to actually care about you." She stops to take a deep breath before continuing. "More than a friend should care about each other. I like you (y/n). I really like you a lot and I can't spend another day hiding the truth from you." This had been everything you've been wanting since a few months ago. Without any hesitation, you cupped her cheek and pulled her in for a kiss.

Your relationship with her improved. Everyone was aware about the fact that their Queen was now dating her maid. No one was brave enough to comment on it as she had grown quite protective of you. The guards quickly learned this lesson when one of them tried to pull you in for a kiss. Morgana did not hesitate to throw him in prison. "Our anniversary is coming up. We've been dating for almost a year, love. I still can't believe that I get to call you mine." You hear her say one day while the two of you cuddle in her bed. She reached over to her nightstand and pulled out a box. "I want to make it official and be able to call you my wife. Will you marry me (y/n)?" She doesn't have a chance to explain her reasonings as you pulled her in for a deep kiss. "A million times yes. I love you so much Morgana." You finally answered when you pulled back. You would never forget the way she smiled. She slid in the ring and kissed the back of your hand. "The title of Queen suits you as well."

You at first refused the crown as you didn't deem yourself worthy enough to be able to wear it but Morgana was able to convince you to go through with the coronation. Everyone in the kingdom celebrated the crowning of the new Queen and the wedding. You knew the moment that you said 'I do' that you couldn't have a better life than this.

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