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"Now, this is one hell of a pretty dress" Indigo commented pulling a dress out of my wardrobe, and I sighed, throwing myself down on the mattress of my bed.

"I'm not wearing a dress" I said, for what felt like the thousandth time. It was already Friday, we were already late, and indigo had for some reason decided that I simply couldn't go to the party wearing jeans, and was trying her very best to find an alternative. Needless to say, she was also failing at it.

She sighed. "Oh, come on!" She replied, and I propped myself up on my elbows, glaring at the small piece of clothing that I'd probably worn once in my entire existence.

"Indie, it's the third party this month alone. I'm not wearing a dress" I said, and she gave me a little disappointed nod, putting it back into my wardrobe.

"Alright, fine" she replied, walking to the mirror on the side of my room to fix her hair. "Can you call Joel and ask him to come pick us up so that we don't have to walk?"

I nodded, rolling around and getting a hold of my phone, typing a quick text and sending it before throwing it next to me on the bed.

Thankfully Joel was free, so we only had to wait about ten minutes for him to come. When he arrived he sent me a text, and we went out.

"Hey, Raine. Always pretty, Indigo" he said as soon as we opened the car doors, and Indigo and I exchanged a little glance.

"Thanks, Joel. You know I try" she replied as we both sat inside his car.

He nodded, looking at her as she fixed her dress. "Definitely do."

"So what are we celebrating this time?" I asked all of sudden, wanting to put a stop to the awkward conversation, and he shrugged.

"Nothing, I just thought it'd be nice to have some fun" he replied as he started driving, and I sent Indigo a little apprehensive glance, that wasn't returned.

The rest of the car ride went on as we made small conversation as we always seemed to do in those days, and soon enough we arrived at Joel's house.

"Alright girls, you go have fun while I get drunk and make sure they don't destroy my house. Callie should be here somewhere" He said in the second he turned off the engine.

Indigo nodded quickly, getting out of the car faster than lightning, giving me barely enough time to say thanks to Joel before following her. "Perfect!" She said excitedly as we walked towards the house, and I sighed.

"I'm already bored" I said as I glanced around, the scene in front of me having become way too familiar for me to even consider being excited about it.

"Come on, there's people, let's have fun" she said excitedly as she crossed the front door, just to stop in her tracks when she almost crashed against a man that was coming out.

He was tall, slim, in his mid-forties, and it was painfully obvious from the white dress shirt he was wearing that he didn't belong in the crowd of young people.

He stared at us, and we stared back at him, confused, and I wondered not only who he was, but also what he wanted. I didn't have to wonder for long though, because he told us his predicament himself.

"I'm searching for Joel, do you know where he is?" He asked, and Indigo nodded.

"He's outside" she said, and he thanked her before going away, leaving us there with a confused look on our faces.

A few seconds went by, and then she shook her head. "Come on, let's go inside."

• • •

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