Rim of the world

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We got woken up by Logans voice through the speakers. Me and zhen got up. We both went in the bathroom and changed. I wore this

While zhenzhen wore a girl scout outfit

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While zhenzhen wore a girl scout outfit. We got into a van. I was taling to Alex before that kid I saw in the mess hall come in the van telling Alex to scout over. I got mad at the way he was talking to him so I stood up for him. The dude was in the middle of saying that his balls were hot. Your balls are going to be bleeding if you dont leave Alex alone" I said. He stood up and towered over me. What did you say" he said. I stood up in front of him. I said before I could finish my sentence he pushed me. He started laughing and I started having flashbacks of my stepdad and I started crying and shaking my head. Wanting the thoughts to just go away. I felt arms wrap around me and I saw zhenzhen and Alex hugging me. I hugged them back while the boy looked at us weird. The only person who knew about my past was zhenzhen. So she knew about my outbreaks. Logan got on the bus and started driving. I stood up and slapped the boy in his face. He looked mad before Logan stepped really hard on the breaks for us to sit. I sit beside zhen looking out the window. I felt eyes on me and i saw Alex staring at me. He mouthed' thank you" he said. I gave him a slight smile. We got to the canoe trip and they said that we cant go because someone took a shit in the canoe. I really didn't care though because me and zhen had other plans. We started walking off and Alex started following us. We eventually lost Alex. Me and zhen posed like the girl on the pamphlet and then we heard screaming. Alex" I said. We starting running towards the sound. We saw him trying to push Alex over the ledge. Hey dipshit" I said. Zhen hid behind a tree. Leave me alone. I'm trying to help him" he said. I said leave him alone" I said moving closer to him. I pushed him and next thing I know I was slapped to the ground. I starting having flashbacks.

You bitch" my stepdad said. He slapped me to the ground and started kicking me in my rib and calling me names. end of flashback

I was crying and shaking and holding my head next thing I knew I was being carried. I woke up being put on a table. I saw this cute boy. I instantly grabbed his arm and put it behind his back. Zhenzhen came over to me and whispered in my ear saying. Hes good let him go" zhen said. I let him go. Sorry about your arm" I said to him. He smiles at me and I instantly started blushing. What's your name" I said. Gabriel" he said. Mia I'm mia" i said. Hey I'm darius" the dude who slapped me said. I kneed him in the balls for slapping me. Then I heard a roar. I started crying. Gabriel put his hand over my mouth and we all ran into the kitchen and started hiding. I was still clueless of the situation. Alex come on" I whispered. Alex came over. We called for Darius but it was too late. This dog came and started looking for us. He was so close to me and the  something fell by him. The monster started coming towards him. I grabbed a knife and a broom. Gabriel, zhen, and Alex tried to grab me but I snatched away. Even though he was a pain in the ass I still didnt want him to die. Hey" I yelled. The monster looked at me. COME AT ME MOTHERFUCKER " I yelled. It started running to me and I stabbed it. It starting screeching. I then hit it like a baseball to the furnace. They all looked at me surprised. We were about to leave but this big motherfucker came in the kitchen. We screamed and ran out of a window. Me, Darius, and gabriel hid under the stairs while Alex and zhen ran off. Darius started whimpering. I covered his mouth. Then the monster put his foot on the stairs. I couldn't breath. I had really bad anxiety and started hyperventilating. I was cut off by someone covering my mouth. I looked saw gabriel. He smiled at me and I returned the favor. Come on let's go" I said. Darius looked at me confused. We can just leave them" I said. Gabriel nodded and agreed with me. What are you losers talking about. We are in a safe no alien zone" Darius said. We started walking and we heard banging. We saw that dog coming out of the chimney. We all started running. GRAB THE DOOR" gabriel said. GRAB THE DOOR" I yelled. Darius jumped in and I landed on gabriel. Great day for me to wear a fucking skirt" I said. I tried to move but gabriel moaned. I looked at him weird. He held my hips and told me not to move. I said ok. Darius looked at us like we were crazy. Why is she sitting on your lap man" Darius said getting irritated. Cause she can" gabriel said. Ok" Darius said. He tried to pull me off of him but I landed back on his lap. Gabriel kept moaning. He grabbed my waist again. Dude stop moving her" gabriel said. I felt something poking my you know. Where you pee out of. And I felt something poking my area. My eyes grew wide when I realized what he had. Darius caught us off guard and pulled me off to see Gabriel's boner. I snickered cause it was funny. Dude why did you move her" gabriel said. Dude you literally just tried to sit her down on your lap to make your boner go down" Darius said. I rolled my eyes and screamed guys. They looked at me. 1. If you ever get a boner to had a girl sit on it because it's going to keep rising. 2. Leave him alone. Now let's get ready to get zhen and Alex. The monster popped at the window and I got scared and gabriel grabbed my waist. I smiled. We heard banging again but it was zhen and Alex this time. We tried to warn then but they couldn't hear us. I did I love you to zhen and she did the same thing. I got up and started pressing random buttons. Hey what are you doing" Darius said. He grabbed my arm and I pumped slapped him. Gabriel came up and helped me with the buttons. That's when we heard a engine. I realized I just burned the dog to the ground. Darius got up against the window and said. I burned that thing for you guys. Mia and gabriel did nothing. We rolled our eyes. Move dipshit" I said. I kicked the window opened. Are you guys ok" I said and they nodded. Me and zhen hugged for a long time. Then we heard roars. RUN" we all screamed. The thing caught up to us. It held us down. I was scared and I started holding the nearest hand next to me. It was Gabriel's. We shared a smile. We looked over to the monster spitting this black goo in Darius mouth. Then he inserted his alien dick. I knew what it was. Then the alien was shot down. We started running. I fell again once we got to this bike shack. I realized eyes were on me. I didnt know why. Until I realized gabriel and Darius pants growing in a weird way. I looked down and saw that my skirt was up. I had on red lacy underwear.

I quickly pulled my skirt down

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I quickly pulled my skirt down. I cant fucking believe that thing spit in my mouth" Darius said. Shut up. I cant think with your constant bitching" gabriel said. I thought to myself how could someone be so fine. Bitching. I can be bitching. That thing just stuck its tongue in my mouth" Darius said. How do you know if it was the tongue" Alex said. I quickly covered his mouth. Nothing just keep talking" I said. No what do you mean" Darius said. That means that was a dick I  your mouth not a fucking tounge" I said. He started yelling and he pushed Alex and me. Hey what did I tell you about pushing them" gabriel said. I thought to myself he told him to not push me. Huh what are you gonna do. Gonna punch me again. Because I will chop your neck and then chop your head and then I'll finish you with a rear-naked choke" Darius said. You know between my fist and that alien dick, your mouth should be worn out by now" gabriel said. Then zhen slapped the shit out of all of them. I tuned her out though and started thinking, how could gabriel be so damn cute. When did she learn to speak english" gabriel said. When did she learned to speak" Darius said. Logan gave a code for the bikes" Darius said. Its 669" I said. What are you doing put the numbers in" Darius said. I heard gabriel mumbling. Having a hard time. Put the numbers in. Are you dumb" Darius said. Before gabriel can say something I grabbed his face and turned it towards me. I leaned my forehead on his and said. I dont think your dumb" I said. I got up and punched Darius in the face and he fell. But he wasnt knocked out. Dont call him stupid" I said. Come here let me help you" I said. We got the bikes. It was only four so I had to ride with someone. Darius and gabriel fought over who was I going to ride with. Which kind of pissed me off because it my choice. Guys go without me" Alex said. Ok come on guys let's go" Darius said. Shut up dick mouth" I said. Why cant you go with us" I said. Because I don't know how to ride a bike" Alex said. After zhen and Darius helped Alex with the bike. Alex got the hang of it but then he fell. I jumped off the bike and ran towards him. I got in top of him. Alex can you here me" I said. Not thinking I smacked him. Everybody winced in pain. What was that for" Alex said as I got off of him. You werent moving

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