My kids are my life

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Part 53;

The 'ding' went off as the seatbelt light was switched off. Hailie jumped at the noise. "Hails?" Harry asked, worried. "sorry, Haz, just the ding woke me up" Harry nodded, kissing her head. "I'll get us a drink, shall I?" Hailie nodded. She asked him for her usual. He put up his thumb, walking off to the bar. Hailie turned her phone on. '7 new messages' seven?

From; Nialler x;

Hey Hails !! Hope the flight's going okay, hows things?

From; Pezza :) x;

Hailiee! How's your flight babe? xx

From; Zayn B);

Hey Hailie, just checking in aha :) x

From; Liam :D;

Heyy Hailiee :) how are youu sins the weddin? Hop things r okay, Liam x

From; Danielle P :) x;

Hailie! How's everything? Hope the flight's okay, Eleanor and Louis say hi, their phones have broken, so they can't text you :/ hope your honeymoon is fab!! xx

From; Beckyy :* xoxo; (Hailie shook her head as she remembered that Becky had saved the name in herself)

Hey hon! Just making sure Harry hasn't destroyed you yet ;) nah jokes, just checking up on you, I know you're flying rn.. So did Harry tell you? He's the only one that knows! I wanna know EVERYTHING when you get back, kay?

From; Callum xx;

Hey Hails, hoping you're okay, just texting to see how your honeymoon is so far, you don't have to text back, I know it costs a lot of money, sure we'll talk when you get back babe :) enjoy! xx

"Aww Callum" Hailie said as Harry handed her the drink. "Thanks baby" she slid the phone into her bag again, sipping her drink and snuggling into Harry's side again. "Can't wait to get there, Harry, I bet it's beautiful" Harry smiled to himself. "It is.. You're gonna love it" Harry smiled mischeiviously. "go to sleep, only an hour left, and the captain said we're heading towards some turbulence" Hailie nodded, settling down.

Hailie's eyes fluttered open. She was in a car, lying down on someone's lap. They were driving. She sat up abruptly, but luckily, it was Harry. "babe, it's only me" he smiled. She nodded, glancing out of the window as they slowed down. She gasped. "what?" Harry looked out the window aswell. "we're in Venice!" Hailie exclaimed happily. Chuckling, Harry pulled into a driveway. Hailie jumped out of the car eagerly. "woah, woah, easy Hails!" Harry unlocked the door, and Hailie ran into the villa. She dropped the bags in shock. "H-Harry.." he turned on the chandelier. "you like it?" she nodded. "it's bloody amazing!" Harry chuckled, picked up the bags and walked into the bedroom to begin unpacking. Hailie explored the rest of the three storey villa.

The outside;

The inside;


Harry and Hailie's bedroom;


Dining area;

Living room;