Going to Camp

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Mia wake up" my mom yelled from downstairs

I'm up JEEZ" I said

I went in the bathroom and put on my outfit

I went in the bathroom and put on my outfit

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And I packed my bookbag with other clothes. Let me do a little backstory of my life. I'm 16. My mom and dad are super rich.....and I hate it. I know I know. If my parents were rich I would be happy. Well look my parents own the apple buisness. They don't care for me at all. I can go and get somebody for all they care and they still dont care. People would bully me for living over there by the rich white people....people are just stupid. The only real friend that I ever had is this girl named zhenzhen. I know your like what kind of name is that. But I met her online and she was super nice. She told me that she was going to this camp and I asked my parents if I can go and they said yeah...even though I knew they really didnt care.

If I say get down here one more time" my mom said

OK" I yelled. I muttered bitch under my breath. I got in the car and it was a 2 hour drive. So I put my earphones in and started listening to music.

Zhenzhen POV
I was finally leaving China. I hated it there. I'm silent. So people thought I was deaf or something but in reality I just had trust issues. The only person I really opened up to was this girl named Mia. We met online. I was happy to meet her. She could be a man honestly I really dont know but it's better than China. I was whipped out of my thought when this guy was talking to the security guard.

And what relation do you have with this little girl" guard said

Oh uh she's my niece...on my sister side. You can kind of see it in the eyes" the man said

And why are you up here" the guard said

Oh uh she has a ....spelling bee in LA. The man said

Oh ok....how many Ls are in camarillo" the guard said

I fingered him and then held up my other finger to show 2 fingers. He stamped my passport and gave it to me.

You'll make it in America kid" the guard said

All right come on you little dipshit...pay up" the man said

I gave him 10 bucks. Uh uh your short" the man said

I gave him an additional 5 bucks and left. I caught a cab. Where to miss" the cab driver said

I didnt say anything I just held up a piece of paper to show the camp. He tried to touch it but I snatched it back. He started driving.

Alex POV
Me and my mom arrived at camp and it was weird being out. Then we were greeted by one of the camp leaders. His name was Logan. Wassup. Alex right" Logan said. Yes" I said. ( skip to when Mia arrives aka you because I'm lazy and dont have the time)


I got to the camp and got my bags my mom pulled off as soon as I got my things. I saw kids hugging their parents and actually talking and I wished I had a family like that but before I can keep thinking I was interrupted. Wassup. I'm Logan. One of your camp leaders" he said. I already liked him because he was funny. Sup my dawg" I said. Me and him did the black person handshake. He looked shocked that I knew it. He was introducing me to everyone until he introduced me to Conrad. I didnt like him. He was starting to act like my father.
You bitch" my stepdad said. I started crying because he was being mean. He would act so innocent around my mother but then just abuse me. I never told my mom because he would always say that my mom would end up like my dad. I loved my real dad. He was so sweet and he would actually take care of me while my mom would so focus on her fucking job she couldn't take one fuckung break just to say hi or I love you. I was  shaken from my thoughts. I was shaken my zhenzhen. ZHENZHEN" I yelled. She started laughing while me and her hugged. Logan and Conrad looked at us like we were crazy. I looked at Conrad and smacked him. I whispered' you dont drink around kids in his ear. I turned away with zhenzhen into to mesh hall. I had zhenzhen go get in lined cuz I had to use it. When I was walking out I saw this rich snobby black kid. I laughed at him because I was glad I didnt turn out like that. I came back and this creepy counselor kept singing song and told me he found his new lisa. I was so confused who the hell is lisa. I get in line and I saw a redhead talking to zhenzhen and of course she ignored him. I jump the line to get to her. I turned around and greeted myself to the redhead. Hi, I'm Mia. I'm Alex" he said. I nodded and started walking with zhenzhen. I put my arms on her shoulder when we walked up to Logan. Our wassup China and the hood. Logan said. You know what..yall could be the next rush hour. Logan said. You know the girl version. Logan said. I snickered at his comment cuz he sounded stupid. Me and zhenzhen made our way to the cabin. I called top and zhenzhen called bottom. Me and her talked in her bunk all night. We talked about crushes...well she did but I didnt like any body yet.

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