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I woke up and it was morning, I was wrapped in chases arms and he was holding me so tight I felt so protected in his arms. Yesterday was weird I just hate Joey so fucking much. Me and chase were gonna go out but we just ended up watching movies and cuddling. "Are you awake?" Chase asked me "yup" I turned to face him and kissed him. I pulled away and smiled at him. "what do you want to do today?" Chase asked me "I don't know." I said I laid back and went on my phone. For some reason I just randomly got upset. Like not sad just annoyed. "Are you okay?" Chase asked. I looked at him "yeah I don't know I just feel weird" I admitted "Joey made me feel like shit" I said. He sat up and pulled me up with him. "Listen, I love you. Fuck Joey he's stupid it's over he broke your heart and I can fix it." He said. I sniffled and wiped away a tear. "Thanks" I said. He kissed my forehead "how about we take Instagram pictures?" Chase asked me. I smiled and nodded "yeah sure" I got up and went to do my hair. "I'll be ready in a couple hours" I said to chase "okay" he laughed
I straightened my hair and curled the ends, I put on a little makeup and picked out a cute outfit, I wore a crop top and cute grey sweatpants with white vans. "You look beautiful" Chase said making me blush. I covered my face with my hands and we gently took them off my face. "Don't cover your face. I like your face" he said which made me smile. "I like yours too" I said giggling.

**skip to pix**

We went to this place that had an 80s theme and I made chase go first and I took a bunch of pictures for him. I even got my Polaroid camera and took pix for myself. "You're such a cute little photographer" Chase said pecking my lips "your turn" Chase said "do u have to I kinda look weird" Chase looked confused "Kylie, you look absolutely beautiful. Don't worry. AT ALL" he said. I smiled "thank you." I said blushing. I posed and chase took so many pictures. He took some on his phone for him I guess. it made me happy. He makes me happy. He was sitting down in photographer angles making me laugh. I love this kid. I'm happy he's my boyfriend. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without him. It's too early for me to say I love you. Way too early. But I do love him. "Okay I got a bunch and they're all adorable but I can take as much as you want" Chase said smiling "oh it's okay I'm not the type to take pix anyways. Chase, these are beautiful. Thank you so much I lo-" SHIT I WAS ABOUT TO SAY I LOVE YOU TO HIM
"I love them." I said quieter "Are you okay" Chase asked me holding my cheek "yup, I'm just in shock they are amazing" I said hoping it would work.

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