The Shallow End pt. 1

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This is not a request but an idea i came up with on my own!

Peter wakes up in the middle of the night with a nightmare from his time on Titan. And who else is there to comfort him in the Avengers Tower other than our beloved Tony Stark? A bit of angst and major fluff!!

Warning: infinity war spoilers!!

Enjoy! (And pretty please leave requests:D)


  The bug-lady was the first to go.

  Peter stood to the side and watched in horror as Drax went next, his body flitting away into ashes that took to the air, making the red planet look even redder. The teen coughed and tried not to inhale his friend's body.

  "Steady, Quill," came Mr. Stark's voice through the ringing in Peter's ears.

  Peter Quill glanced at the billionaire, his face already growing ashy. "Oh, man..." he mumbled and then he was gone.

Peter felt his stomach clench, his whole body suddenly feeling like it was being ripped apart from the inside out. Oh gosh, he thought, looking down at his hands. He could feel his atoms shattering, splitting, collapsing. He was next, he knew it.

" was the only way," Dr. Strange said. In the next moment, his being was blown away like a kid blowing away a dandelion. All that remained to show that he'd even been there in the first place was a pile of dust where he'd been a moment before.

"Mr. Stark..." Peter whimpered. He knew what was coming, he could feel it in his bones, in his blood. It was like he'd known this was how it was going to end since the day he'd been born.

Tony turned, fear etched into every line on his face. "Kid," he whispered. "You're alright."

Peter shook his head feverishly. He wasn't, he wasn't. "I-I don't know what's happening."

The teen stumbled forward across the barren terrain, falling into his mentor's open arms. He held on desperately, biting back tears that stemmed from the pain spreading through his body like wildfire. "I don't feel so good."

Tony hugged him back and tried to ignore the ashes flaking off into the air around them. He didn't want to admit that what was happening was real.

"I don't want you to go, Mr. Stark."

But it was too late. Peter choked on the dust that rose up around him, throwing him into a coughing fit. Once the air had cleared, Peter found himself standing alone when he had once been embraced. But there was nothing to show of it.


  Peter shot up in his bed, clutching at his chest and throat as the dust trapped in his lungs threatened to suffocate him. He sputtered for air among all the ash. Everywhere he looked, he saw a cloud of dust that used to be someone, before they were pulled apart and scattered like flowers at a wedding.

  The teen knew what was happening, he knew where he was. But he just couldn't look past all the reds and browns to see the blue walls of his room in Avengers Tower.

  Focus, Peter, he chided himself, gripping the sheets and squeezing his eyes shut. But even then, he just saw Mr. Stark crumbling into ashes painted on the back of his eyelids. It didn't happen. Mr. Stark is right across the hall. He never fell apart, you did.

  I did.

  I did.

  "Pete!" Mr. Stark's voice broke through the teen's thoughts at that moment. He snapped his eyes open, finding Tony among the wasteland of Titan.

  "I know what you're seeing right now, Peter. And you and I both know that it's a lie. We are in Avengers Tower, it's nearly 2am and we are in your bedroom in Avengers Tower," Tony coaxed his kid down, tentatively reaching out to brush his fingers against Peter's arm. The teen flinched at the contact, curling into a small ball on the bed.

  "Peter, find me," Tony said with desperation. He'd done this nearly a million times since the war, but it never got easier. "Find me."

Peter's sensitive hearing detected his mentor's voice and latched onto it. If he could hear Tony, that meant he couldn't possibly be dead.

  Peter unfurled himself, reaching out blindly. "Mr. Stark?"

  Tony placed his hands on Peter's shoulders. "I'm right here, buddy. I'm not going anywhere."

  Peter blinked slowly, eyes foggy. He found Tony's face and searched it desperately, as if he wasn't quite sure what he was seeing was real. "P-promise?" He managed to choke out, still tasting dust on his tongue.

  Tony pulled the shaking teen into his chest and carded his hand though his sweaty curls. "I promise," he whispered, voice as soft as snow hitting the grass. "I'm never leaving you." He felt hot tears on his pajama shirt and knew the kid was crying.

  Peter sniffled, tiny hands fisted in the man's shirt. "Not...again," He murmured, almost to himself. "I-I can't watch you crumble..not again."

Tony felt his stomach plummet. He held Peter tighter, almost afraid that if he loosened his grip, Peter would slip through his fingers again.

"I'm not going anywhere, kid. And if you're so scared of watching me..crumble, as you said, go tell that to the jar of ashes in the lab that used to be Thanos," Tony said, pulling Peter's face from his chest so he could look him in the eyes.

Peter looked haunted, like he'd seen too much. His brown eyes were big and glassy, bruises like purple paint staining his eyelids. His cheeks were sunken, his breaths were hollow. He's whole being wilted like a plant that hadn't been watered for too long.

But he cracked a smile nonetheless. "I hate that jar," he said thickly and wiped his eyes.

Tony grinned. "I do too, but i love seeing it up on my mantle. It's the biggest 'fuck you' I've ever said, and have you met me?"

Peter giggled. "Language."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Don't you start, young man."

The teen glanced at the billionaire sheepishly. "Thank you, Mr. Stark," He said quietly and suddenly.

Tony gave him a confused look. "For what, kid?"

Peter rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously. "Just..for everything. For taking care of me."

Tony pulled the kid into a side hug, breathing in the scent of his shampoo and sweat. "Well, that's what father's do. They look out for their children."

Peter flushed a light pink but didn't protest. He was Tony's kid, after all.

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