Chapter Twenty-Four

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"I hear people talking up ahead, and there's a fire going." Jonathan whispers to the others. "A lot of people."

The five of them, with Carlos being yanked behind, made their way slowly closer to the voices. They saw hundreds of people, but they couldn't see their faces just yet.

"Alright my fellow supernaturals! We have business to speak about!" Obviously Amber's voice called over the laughing others.

"She's got a bloody army." Sammy whispers and Lauren shushes him.

"As most of you know, we have some old friends in town and we want them dead. Most of you have met at least one of them." Amber says, the fire grows brighter and lights up a few peoples faces and Sammy catches his breath.

"I can't be here...we need to leave." Sammy starts to walk away but Duncan catches his arm.

"What's wrong?" Duncan asks. "Do you know someone out there?"

Sammy nodded and tears started to form in his eyes. "Jared King."

"Your old friend? The one Miss Drake killed?" Duncan asks and Sammy nods. "He's not the same one that you were friends with, Amber has done something to him. That's one of the reasons why we need to stop her."

Sammy hesitates but nods and wipes his eyes and they rejoin the group.

"Both of you need to stay back there, I don't want you to see the people that are listening to Amber, you don't need to see any of them...not yet." Daisy says and pushes Sammy and Duncan back.

"Who is it, it'll hurt less if I'm prepared when I do see them." Duncan says, he was preparing for a specific name.

"It's a lot of people we went to school with, some of them were good friends." Daisy says

"Like who?" Sammy asks

Daisy sighs. "Jack Kendrick is one."

"I've spoken to him once." Duncan says but didn't show a reaction. "Who else?"

"Um, one is standing behind you." Daisy says with sudden fear. Duncan turns around slowly, he was faced with the one person he had a feeling he'd meet.


Duncan's head was collided with a thick stick and everything went black.

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