I Only Need You (Yuta)

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Your bones ached after a weary day at work.  Everything hurt.  Just thinking about coming home to your apartment to make dinner all for yourself drained you.  Pulling out of the parking lot of your company's building, you thought about Yuta.  What was he up to?  Because of the company project you'd been assigned to, you hadn't seen your boyfriend in two weeks.  Even the texts you sent were minimal.

Finally, you pulled into an empty parking space and grabbed your things to head into your apartment.  The ride up the elevator to your floor never felt longer.  The other woman in the elevator smiled at you.

"How was your day?" she asked with a smile.

You replied "yes," with no emotion, and the woman quickly got off on her floor.  

Fishing for your keys, you were startled by a familiar voice.  You looked up like a deer caught in a pair of headlights, but suddenly, your expression changed.  Nothing mattered now that Yuta was here.

You ran into his arms, and he kissed your nose.  

"I missed you, button," Yuta cooed, and you melted in his warm embrace.  "Do you have some time?  I wanted to get dinner with you."

You sighed in relief.  Honestly speaking, you had no energy to make dinner for yourself, let alone Yuta.  He held your hand as he led you downstairs to his car.  Like the gentleman he was, he opened the door for you, and you slid in.

"Glad to know chivalry isn't dead," you giggled.

While he drove, you noticed he was taking exits out of the city.

This restaurant must be pretty far you thought as Yuta took yet another exit.  Suddenly, the Incheon International Airport loomed in front of you.  To your left, you saw planes speeding down runways or coming in hot from a long trip.

"Yuta, is the restaurant in the airport?" you asked warily.

Yuta's lips formed a tight smile.  "You'll see.  Let's just say the airport is part of the dinner plan."

He parked, and you found yourself sitting first class in a jumbo jet thirty minutes later.  You pinched yourself to make sure all of this was real.  But at the back of your mind, you were worried.  You didn't pack a suitcase, so you literally had nothing.  

"I've taken care of everything.  Don't worry," Yuta gave your hand a comforting squeeze.  

The plane rocketed down the runway and you felt your stomach churn at the feeling of moving faster than what you deemed comfortable.  You gripped the edge of your seat so tightly, your knuckles turned white.  But once the plane passed through the first layer of clouds and straightened out, you felt your nerves calm a bit.

You finally took the opportunity to check the electronic map to see where you both were headed, and your jaw dropped.  You were expecting a nice dinner on Jeju island or maybe a night in Thailand, but you were headed for France!  

"Surprise," Yuta whispered.  "Don't worry.  I packed a suitcase for you and already told your company that you'll be gone for a week.  That means you're all mine for the time being.  Let's order some in-flight food to keep the hunger at bay, button."

You couldn't believe it.  FRANCE?!?!  Growing up with a houseful of siblings, your family never really went for vacations far away.  It was always hard on them managing your three brothers.  Taking those naughty kids halfway across the world scared you let alone your parents.

Since the flight was eleven hours, you took the time to catch up on sleep.  Yuta knew you needed the rest, so instead of bothering you to talk to him and tell him about your role in the company project, he started binging a K-drama.  He was invested in drama plots and their twists.  So when you woke up to see him crying, you weren't surprised.  

"He wasn't supposed to sacrifice himself like that," Yuta sniffled, and you passed him a napkin from your in-flight meal.  Despite his tough outer appearance, he was a big softie.  But then again, he did have some serious duality if you know what I'm saying...

You stepped off the plane and into the airport.  You took in the people and the colors and the smells.  Everything already felt so different from back at home.

"Come on, I have a reservation at a place that'll take your breath away.  Our suitcases will be delivered straight to our apartment."

He led you to a car that was waiting for you both to use for the week.  Yuta drove through the city, and you couldn't seem to find words to describe what you saw.  The buildings had a rustic feel, unlike the modern style you were used to in Korea.  Finally, he pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant that sat on a cliff that overlooked the cerulean waters that lapped at the coast.

You tried to take a picture with your phone, but your camera couldn't do the scenery justice.  Instead, you captured the moment with your mind.  

"This is one of the top fifty restaurants in the world," Yuta smiled

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"This is one of the top fifty restaurants in the world," Yuta smiled.  "I'm sorry for dragging you all the way out here, but I really wanted you to take a break."

You were touched, but you realized that all you needed was Yuta to feel at peace.  He poured you a glass of wine, and the two of you toasted to successful careers.  Yuta pulled out an itinerary from his back pocket and rattled off the list of activities he had planned for the week.

Midway through his rambling, you stopped him with a laugh.  "I don't need to see the world to feel happy," you pointed out.  "I only need you."


A/N: I've always wanted to go on a surprise vacation, so I felt like I took one through this imagine!  Hope you were able to experience the thrill of hopping on a plane and heading to an unknown paradise, too! 

Question of the imagine: What's your favorite place in the world?  For me, it's probably the beach.  Nothing can replace the sugar white sands and the azure water.  The whole beach town vibe is a mood I'll never get tired of.  

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