Chapter 19

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Luke's pov

The last bell rang for the day I got a text from my brothers that they were going to be picking me up but they are going to run late because they are picking some of there friends up their friends love me for some reason, I was sitting on the sidewalk thinking. how the hell I can come around doing this I know that we are going to have to talk about what happen this morning. I really don't know what to say to them " oh hey I have a boyfriend who beats me, but for some reason I can't seam to leave him because I still love him." they are going to kill me or more they are going to kill Oliver.

so I'm siting on the sidewalk waiting for them to come get me, when I see Oliver and his friends walking over to me. I go to get up but one of runs and push's me back down so I'm sitting again, " aww is someone waiting for their mommy?" one of them said and everyone laughs even Oliver, " just leave me alone" I said because I know if my brothers and their friends see theses guys fucking with me it's not going to be good. The one who pushed me back down got real close to me and gets even closer so he is in my face," Aww look some one is learning how to talk back" he said as he puts his hands on my shoulders and push me so I'm not sitting I'm on the grace. Before I know it he starts to kick me, I close my eyes, I can remember this feeling I know the pain I'm feeling I need to get way it hurts god some help me. Like someone can read my mind the kicking stops.

I open my eyes to see my brother Noah on top the kid hitting him in the face, I hear yelling all around us but I don't listen to what they are saying. I crawl over to Noah, when I get to him I grab his harm " stop! it's not wroth it I'm ok I promise just stop" he stops and looks at me I just smile at him and node my head. He gets off the guy and lends me a hand to help me up I get up trying not to show the pain in my eyes, I look over and see my other brother and two of their friends yelling at Oliver and his other friend. But I stop looking when I feel Noah walking away from me I look back and see him kick the kid one more time, I go over and grab him one more time
" boy you don't give up" I said. We walk over were everyone else is " you little bitch messing with my fucking brother pick on someone your own size," Jacob yelled at olive I let go of Noah and go over to Jacob " hey hey lets just go they are not wroth it" I say to him

He just looks at me " hey man long time no see, your looking cute as always" I look over at and see it's Owen and Ashton, they are one of my brothers long time friends I heard they been friends for like all their life's. But me and Owen have a special relationship. he always says that kind of stuff he's bi, one time he was drunk and told me he actually liked me and he wished I liked him to. I wish I told him that day that I liked him as well but I was sacred to, " oh hey Owen" I said with a red face, fuck I can't let Oliver see " hey bitch I'll see you when I see you" Oliver said then told his other friend to get the hurt guy. Ashton walks over to me " are you ok? do you need to go to the hospital?" he asked " no no I'm ok thank you" I sad with a smile but I hear someone yelling." Hey motherfucker I'm not done with you yet!" Jacob yelled at Oliver but Oliver just give him the middle finger " oh that little bitch" Jacob said he started to walk over to him but Owen stopped him " let him go he will get his" he said he looked over at me he winks at me I blush again.

everyone gets in Jacob's car we are heading home, no one is saying anything, I can't believe that my brothers and the boys got in a fight with Oliver and his friends, plus Oliver over heard Owen saying shit to me and I'm going to die because of it. I feel my phone vibrate I take my phone out of my pocket I see I got a text from Oliver

Oliver; I see your fucking someone else, you fucking slut!!!! Me; Oliver I have never cheated on you and never will, I'm so tired of you doing this to me letting your friends mess with me however they want to. I love you and I always have but I'm done I'm leaving you I hope you find someone who you can love and who wouldn't make you mad like I have. I didn't read all his response all I saw was ' please don't' I know if I read anymore it would hurt more then it all ready does. I'm sitting in the back with Owen I don't want to cry but I'm he wraps his arm around me and says in my ear " it's going to me ok" he grabs my chin and kisses me on my lips. I wanted to push him away but I just let him I miss this feeling this feeling that someone who actually likes you kisses you. he pulls away from me he's out of breath so am I I can tell he's horny so am I, " oh shit sorry" he said then moves away from me, what the fuck just happened.........

Heyyyy everyone thanks for reading this chapter I'm sorry it took so long to come out but I have some time off of work so I will be updating all my story's thank you for all the love and support I love all of you well bye bye for nowwwww.............................................

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