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kjdkjs thank you so much for 1K on this story! i'm so glad people like it. since this story is short, i'm gonna write an extra chapter... enjoy :)

'i'm sick,' he croaked miserably. soonie, doongie and dori cared about him; they kept meowing at him and rubbing their head against his legs. but his own boyfriend was more worried about their science group talk, due to be presented in-class today, than him.

LEE FELIX balanced his phone on his shoulder, taking his croissant out of the toaster in a hurry and burning his fingers. 'can't you come for just this one lesson?' he whined.

'no! i can't possibly!' okay, maybe LEE MINHO was being a little overdramatic, but he had a plan. it would get felix to pay attention to him, and it would postpone the date of their science talk.

'well, i can't present it without you.' 

'don't go to class then.' 

'excuse me?' he nearly dropped his croissant.

minho sighed; he would have to come up with something really convincing to get felix to skip class, and he there would have to be a miracle to make him skip school for the entire day. the boy didn't want to get even worse of a reputation among his teachers than he already did. 'if you don't go to class, then you can't get in trouble from the teacher, and they won't hate you.'

'i can't just- i- i can't just skip class!' he blubbered. 'they'll take the roll and find out i'm gone, and then they'll send me to the principal's office!'

'so don't go to school, then.' felix's eyes bulged out of his sockets. before he could snap a retort, minho continued, 'just take a sick day. everyone knows we're dating, and everyone knows i'm sick, so it would make sense.'

there is a loud groan from the other end of the phone. 'fine.'


'i'm coming over. you better be actually sick.'

'trust me, i am.'

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