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I woke up because of the girls voice

"Unnie!oppa!"the girls said while jumping on our bed

"Wake up!!!!"jiyu shout that makes me and jungkook were to the bathroom and did our morning routine

After our morning routine we all went to the kitchen to eat breakfast

"Unnie,oppa"jiyeon said and we look to her"can we come to your works?!can we?!"jiyeon added and they both do their puppy eyes

"You can come on your jungkook oppa's work"i said and they look at jungkook and he gave me a death glare

"Y-yes you can but behave okay?if you behave me and your unnie we will go to amusement park tonight!"jungkook said and they hug jungkook

"Thank you oppa!"they both said and went o their seats and started eating again

(At work)

I opend my door and i went to my desk and started doing all of my works

"Excuse me noona.."soobin excused i look at him confused and stop doing my work

"Yes soobin?"i ask

"Mr. And Mrs. Kang is here.."soobin said

"What are they doing here?i dont have a appointment with them.."i said so i just stand up and went to the lobby


I see them and went to them bow as a respect and i lead them to my office

"Have a sit Mr. And Mrs. Kang"i said and we sit at the same time"what brings you here?"i added

"Well...we just wanted to talk about the meeting that we are having in L.A with the other business woman and men." Mrs. Kang said

"Oh dont worry about I already prepared it all my teams are incharge in there so nothing to worry about"i said and we talk for a minute

Jungkook's pov

"Girls behave okay?"i said and they smile and nodded so i opend the dance room

And found my hyungs already streaching and they all look at me and the girls

"Who's kids are they?"taehyung ask

"It's hyerim's friend's kids"i said and the girls went to taehyung and hug him

"Aww they are sweet!"taehyung said
"Anyways lets go and practice"he added

And we started practicing

(After work)

I clean my table after that i went to the lobby and out of the office

Until my phone ring

A message from jungkook


Jungkook:hey babe...wait for us we gonna pick you up okay?

Hyerim(you):okay babe..

(End of conversation)

After a some minute...

A saw a car coming so i went to the car door and opend it and saw the boys in there

"Hi hyerim!"the boys said and i sit beside the girls and jungkook

"So what are u guys doing here?"i ask

"Well jungkook just told us you guys are going to amusment park if the girls behave..and they behave so well so we come...and have fun too"jimin explain

So we all talk and talk about our days until we arrive

We all went out and namjoon went away to buy some tickets for us

And he came back with 10 tickets in his hands

"Lets go"namjoon said and we took our tickets i hold jiyu's hand so she wont get lost and jungkook hold jiyeon's hand

We ride some rides we all had fun...

"Oppa!i want to eat cotton candy"i said and jin went to me

"Your my foodie partner..i want to eat cotton candy too"jin said and i laugh so me and him went to buy 10 cotton candy

After we buy 10 cotton candy we went back and i see someone is missing

"Where is jiyeon?"i ask and they all look everywhere

"Lets seperate,2 partners"namjoon said and me,jungkook and jiyu went away to look for jiyeon

Jiyeon's pov

I went away from my oppas for a while and i see a cute teddy so i went to the guy behind the table

"Excuse me..."i said and he look at me and smile

"Can i help u little girl?"the guys said

"Can i get that teddy?"i said and pointed at it and he look for it and touch it

"This?"he ask and nodded"you have to play this game to get this teddy"he added

"Oh..."i said and look down

"I play for her!"i look up and saw a group of boys surrounding me

And the guy started playing and he win
He gave me the teddy bear i wanted

"Here u go"he said while smiling

I took it and hug it a guy took me in his arms and carry me

"Don't worry were not bad guys,where are you're parents?"he ask

"I went here with my oppas ad unnies" i said and they smile

"Im bambam"

"Im jackson"

"Im jb"

"Im young jae"

"Im jinyoung"

"Im yugyeom"

"im mark"

"And you are?"bambam oppa ask

"Im jiyeon,kim ji yeon"i said and smile

"Okay jiyeon!lets find your unnies and oppas"jackson oppa said

"Jiyeon-ah!"a familiar voice shout

And we all look it was

They are....


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