- II -

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(**A/N: Please note that this chapter depicts a scene that graphically describes Harry's injuries, as well as mentions of both physical and sexual abuse. Also, it is important to note that this story is set in the time of the Avengers [current] so technology is more advanced than it would have been in the 90's/ Harry Potter time frame. With that out of the way, enjoy!**)

"Mr. Stark! Can I get an autograph?" Someone cried, stuffing a piece of paper in Tony's face. Sighing, Tony stopped and scribbled some shitty signature across the page.

He had thought that being in a small town in England would spare him autographs and recognition, but apparently there were still people that knew him and cared about his work.

All he had wanted to do was get some fresh air before the conference that afternoon. He figured he would stop by the market and buy some fresh summer fruit.

"Where is it?" He muttered to himself, tapping on the side of his glasses to bring up the digital map again.

"One block east," he muttered, tapping the sides again, letting the glasses go back to normal. When he reached the street he needed to cross, he noticed a small boy walking towards the market as well.

He scoffed at what the boy was wearing. It was nearly 80 degrees already, but the boy was wearing an enormous heavy long sleeve shirt, and some sweatpants that were obviously several sizes too large, as the drawstring was pulled as tightly as it could possibly go around the boy's waist.

The boy had his head down as he crossed the street, and walked very slowly, which was very different from the rest of the people that Tony had been watching. The boy intrigued him- he was different. Tony couldn't put his finger on exactly what it was, but there was something.

Excitement coursed through Tony's veins when he realized that the boy was also heading to the market. Pepper and Bruce absolutely hated when he people- watched, but he always found it interesting. Everyone had a different story. A different reason for being there. A different life.

Reaching the market, Tony grabbed a basket and stood next to the apples, watching as the boy rummaged through a bin of russet potatoes. Up close, Tony could see just how skinny the boy really was. But it wasn't until the boy turned that Tony saw the bruises. It took every ounce of self control for him to hold back the gasp that so badly wanted to escape his lips. He watched with concern as the boy moved closer to him, now looking at blueberries.

Harry could feel that the man leaning against apple stand was the staring at him, making him shift uncomfortably. The man looked nice enough, but he was a bit intimidating. Although, it could have just been his instinctive reaction after last night's punishment from Uncle Vernon.

"Hey kid," he heard the man say, standing up straight and taking a step towards him. Harry tried his hardest not to flinch, and bowed his head.

"Kid!" Tony called again, taking another step towards the boy.

"Wait up!" The man called after Harry, his American accent standing out to Harry. Trying to keep his head down, Harry sped up and began walking away from the man quickly. Suddenly, his head began to feel as if it was made of cotton.

Harry stopped, waiting for the dizziness to pass. He looked up, and he saw the man standing next to him. Everything around him was spinning, and it appeared that there were three men in front of him instead of just one.

"Hey," he could hear the man say, but it sounded as if someone had stuffed his ears full of cotton and dunked him underwater.

"Hey!" Tony waved his hand in front of the boy's face, his brows furrowing. The raven-haired boy was wobbling where he stood, and looked very unsteady. Gently, Tony placed a hand on the boy's arm.

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