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Sean woke Kaycee up early the next morning. They had fallen asleep so quickly they almost forgot they had classes. Checking the time, Kaycee was eager to jump out of bed and throw on the same clothes she wore yesterday.

"Are you ready yet, Lew?" she asked, knocking on the bathroom door. He walked out, still brushing through his hair.

He nods, a cocky smile spread across his face. "I need time to look good, Kayc."

Kaycee laughed, shaking her head at his goofiness. "Come on, I don't want to be late."

With her motivation, he was quick to finish getting ready and the two headed out the door. They agreed to stop for coffee as neither of them remembered to grab anything from the kitchen on their way out.

Once ordered, Sean casually drove them to the school, feeling weird as it typically wasn't his day to drive. There wasn't enough time to go back to Kaycee's house just to switch cars.

He parked at their usual parking space, getting off the car to grab their bags from the back. He went around to Kaycee's side, handing her her bag as she smiled gratefully. The two walked towards their building, lucky that it was the same one, with Sean's arm wrapped around her shoulder. Kaycee blushed at the contact, keeping her head low.

"Blushing there, aren't we, Rice?" he whispered jokingly into her ear. She looked up and saw him inches away from her face.

"We usually don't walk around like this," she whispered back. "People are staring."

Sean looked up from the small bubble and saw that everyone was in fact staring at them. Kaycee noticed that girl Jess and her friends staring at them as well, surprised looks on their faces. She almost wanted to laugh in their faces.

He's mine.

Sean noticed how tense Kaycee was as they stood outside of her lecture room. He followed her eyes and saw that she was staring at some girls who were already looking at them.

"Who are they?" he asked quietly.

"The girls I told you about," she replied. Sean was immediately hit with an idea, letting his arm fall from her shoulders. She looked at him weirdly.

"How about we give them a show?" he suggested.

"A show how?" Kaycee asked.

Sean smirked, placing a hand on her waist to bring her closer. Her eyes widened, looking around to see if anyone was watching; they were.

"Sean, what are you doing?" she whispered.

"Just relax, gorgeous."

His other hand was placed delicately on her cheek as he closed the space between them, kissing her sweetly. Kaycee melted into him, letting herself kiss him back as she held onto his forearm. They pulled back, foreheads touching as they smiled at each other.

"I got to get to class, baby," he mumbled, and she nodded. He removed himself from her, his eye catching the girls who were staring at them in shock. Sean smiled, focusing on Kaycee as he left a quick kiss on her cheek. "Have a good class, Kayc. I'll see you after, yeah? We'll go to your place for rehearsals. Bye, angel."

He walked away from her, the girls staring following his movements. He walked towards them to get to his class, nodding his head at them. "Ladies."

Kaycee wanted to laugh loudly at their reactions, their cheeks pinks from embarrassment. She walked into her lecture room, still feeling the kiss against her lips. She smiled to herself; she would never get tired of kissing him.

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