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KALIEEE COME HERE. Coming, she said as she came down stairs. Yo anti want yhu to go by her for the next 2 weeks. Ok when she coming. Now

O shit I have to go get me sum cloths to pack. Shs said as she ran upstairs. I haven't talked to C in a lil while. I always called cardi C she neva liked her real name so I just call her C.


Who is it its my gurl. I herd C say. I opened the door and she came look all cute. Who yhu trying to look cute fo. Nobody can a bitch just look cute just to look cute. I mean yeah but... But nothing gurl, let me in this bitch.

Wha Kay at. She getting some cloths pack. Ok. So sus I got to talk to you bout something and Im gone need yhu to not get mad. C said looking serious. I cant make no promises. I did have a child she said while looking down. WHAT ALL THESE YEARS AND NOW YOU SAY SOMETHING. No its not like that I got raped and had her. Whats her name. Kulcher.[ I dont know if I spelled that right but its ok ]

How old is she. She 18. Damn C. How long you been wit her. Since she was 9. She was in foster care. Im sorry. I want her to get to know her family so I wanted to start woth kalie. Ok its just so much. Kalie came running down stairs and she hugged C. Im ready lets go. They left out and I said bye to them.


When we got in the car and anti C said she had to tell me something.

So what yhu wanted to tell me. Umm kalie I have a daughter. My mouth droped

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