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It's been almost an hour for Chaeyoung to prepare herself for her first time in school after 4 weeks of resting. She walked back and forward thinking about what should she do later when she met Mina. She clenched her fists and stomping her feet numerously as the nervousness can't go away from her heart and her mind. Until the sudden voice of a slammed door surprised her, "What is this. Why don't you prepared yet? 5 minutes. I'll wait for you downstair or stop dreaming about art school after you graduate!" he slammed the door and Chaeyoung was sure if she hadn't prepare herself in 5 minutes, her dad would mean everything that he said earlier.


She immediately took her bag and stuffed everything that she need for today, and went downstair while carrying her shoes on her hands with socks not properly covering her small yet cute feet. Her mom who saw this while cooking, nearly threw her frying pan when she saw her precious daughter running down the stairs with many things on her hands.

"Oh my fractured ribs! STOP RUNNING YOU NAUGHTY GIRL!" She said after she turned off the stove and ran toward the stairs trying to stop Chaeyoung. "This must be because of your father." she said with blowing her bangs and putting her both hands on her hips, making Chaeyoung stop on her way.

Her mom turned around and walked toward her father who is now currently putting on his shoes near the door.

"Sollenda me likey me li- ACK!"

Make him turned his head to the side while holding on his scalp as it hurts. Apparently, it was being hit by spatula. Mom's spatula. "What the hell is going on!?" he said. No. He shouted.

"You!" she said pointing her spatula to her husband's face.

"What!?" he said with his annoyed face.

"You told our fractured ribs to run away to the first floor!?"

On the corner of the room as the viewer of this scene tried to say anything about her ribs, "Mom, it's fi-"

"She was hella slow! What you expect me to do? Kiss her when she's late?" he said standing on his feet and put his both hands on his hips, "Oh, Chaeyoung-a. Why you're so late? /kiss her/. Like that!?" he said. No. Shouted.

"No!" her mom said crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Then what!?"

"You don't have to tell our fractured ribs to run!"

"Mom. Frac-"

"Oh yeah? So, we're going to let her late on her first day of school?!"

"Why not! She has fractured ribs!"

"I told you it-"

"So what!?"

The quarrels just won't stop until Chaeyoung decided to put on her shoes and eat her breakfast. Actually she still has about 15 minutes before the class starts. Her father is always been like that. Early is on time, on time is late. That's why, he pushed her to do everything quickly. Oh, and cleanly. Clean is his most priority in his life. When she finished her breakfast, she took her bag and went to her parents, "I'm ready." amazingly and surprisingly, their quarrel is not at the end. At all. It seems like the climax of it. But, hearing their daughter's voice, they both turned their heads toward their daughter.

"Oh, my baby. Have you eaten your breakfast?" her mom asked. Chaeyoung just nodded her head.

"Daughter. You're just right in time. What a good kid. C'mon. Early is on time. On time is late." he said grinning and patting his daughter's head. Then, he turned his head to his wife and tucked his tounge out making sounds. While her mom just widening her eyes and raised her fist in the air without saying anything. This kind of morning is what Chaeyoung love the most. They fight just because of small thing but yet, they're still cute. She knows that when her dad is home, they will let everything that happened in the morning pass, and just laugh it off. She chuckled thinking about it and just follow her father to their car.

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