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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"nigga move yo' dumb ass out my way"  I said pushing my cousin out the way

We was in Walmart and I was buying some pads cause a friend decided to stop by for a few days


I paid for my stuff and we left out

"You should of stayed yo' black ass in the car" I said as we made our way back to the car

"Ian doing nothing, you need to stop talking to me if yo' period gone make you act like that" I looked at him

"bitch stop talking to me cause I'm really finna beat yo' ass" I said as we got in the car

he just pissed me off, I'm already mad anyway. Ion know why I'm mad, but I wanna fight

He dropped me off home and left

"Bye" he said laughing as I got my stuff getting out the car

"Fuck you, and don't come back. Ima tell my daddy not to open the gates for yo' bum ass" I shut the door and went in the house

I walked in and went straight to my room not saying nothing to nobody. I picked out some clothes and got in the shower then got out

I got my shoe boxes with all my blunts. I rolled 3 up and lit them before smoking them. By the time I was on my second one my room smelt just like weed .. gas

I love it

As I was lighting my 3rd one my daddy walked in and I continued doing what I was doing. I'm blind to him right now, and it been like that for the past two days

Who the fuck he thought he was whooping me?

I blew smoke from my nose as he just looked me. I couldn't see him well cause my eyes was low, I seen him though

"what damn, you can stop staring at me like you lost something"

He chuckled and walked out my room and came back in.

"come again" he said

"did you lose something?"

"No but you did, you lost yo' rabbit ass mind. Ion know who you talking to, you finna find another belt against yo' ass"

Ian say nothing instead I just put the blunt to my lips

"let me go cause I'm not in the mood" he left out and chuckled. After that last blunt I was gone, I went to sleep

I woke up and found my way downstairs seeing Nyah sitting on the couch watching tv and eating dry cereal


"hey Kamrynn, you look a monster " she started laughing hard like it was funny

this what 5 years old be laughing at?

I'm starting to think she took one of my blunts

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