2. A rhyme out of a crime ?

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                                   ~dedicated to:@ESB
"Am scared,
hold onto me and lemme cry!"
when blabbered out I,
words,as if always ready,came out,
"What is even there!,you are shouting!Why!"
"Nothing is left, nothing is there,that's the problem okay?"
I tried to protest,but couldn't ,for
even to you, probably,this me was  shy .

Rather to himself, wrote he,
from deep within bare,
"Imaginations are filling up this absence with scare,
when nothing is there ,
nor anyone is here ,
what did I do,a mistake mare?
to tell me not to do that,did you dare!
I know everyone fails to  care ,
but still,I will be there,
to have a share ,
of anyone's fear,
no matter whether to me, they even matter,
now if you can't help me,
avoid watching me scattered,
rather wait for the moment
when  would glitter,
the pieces into which getting  he's shattered,
untill then,take care,coz really did all of you matter,
like a family to fall back on,
if you are Harry and Hermoine ,
Can I be Ron?"

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