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Chu Feng bought the shop under her name, Chu Feng, and not Han Qin Xi. If she used Han Qin Xi's name, the Prime Minister would have the small shop as one of his property. Afterall, men owns almost all property, even women was considered property. The women could not make their own shops unless their father or husband allowed them to.

While buying the shop, the shop seller must really wanted to get rid of this place and must have thought Chu Feng was a man like everyone else did.

The small shop was about the same size as the bookstore from before. It was empty but clean. Before, Chu Feng bought a new bed since the one she got at home was broken. Although, she did try to repair it last night. It would last her a few more nights only and she doubt it was going to get fix soon so she bought a new one. 

She'll just have to put the bed here for 'her' son. 

Nian City was a place where no one can just show up. They had to go to the administration to say that they were living or staying here for a bit. Any family member was also needed to show up too. Thus, after setting up the shop, she brought the little boy with her to the administration. 

"Name?" The administrator asked, only looking at her paperwork and not looking up to see who it was.

"Chu Feng, and this is my son." Chu Feng had forgotten to ask the little boy for his name, but he was a mute anyways. She wouldn't understand him either way.

"My son, Mingyu." Chu Feng looked at the boy for his response. The little boy only hugged her leg tightly. Chu Feng rubbed his little head. 

Once again, the administrator lady only gave Chu Feng a paper to fill out and did not look at who Chu Feng was. Chu Feng created a new identity for herself and no one but herself knew of it.

After Chu Feng finished, she brought Mingyu to their home. 

"This will be your home from now on, little Mingyu. I won't always be here but still, I will try to come visit you everyday." Chu Feng let the child go check out the house for before, Mingyu only stayed by her side and did not see everything clearly. 

Mingyu came back with a worried face.

"Don't worry. I bought an enchantment scroll for this place. Only you would be able to come in and go out of this place." Yes, Chu Feng got this idea from the Prime Minister's household but she tweaked it a little to allow both her and Mingyu to go in and go out. "Also, if you need anything, you can tell me to buy it. It's not really safe for a beast child to go out into the opening. I left some crystals on the robe you are wearing just in case. There are some clothes and things in this interspatial ring too." 

Chu Feng gave her interspatial ring to Mingyu. She knew Mingyu's identity. If she didn't, she wouldn't dare give a little child so many things to hold else he will be in real trouble. A golden serpent, Mingyu was. 

In the book, Mingyu is the golden serpent who the male lead would kill to save the female lead. Mingyu was one of the guys who fell in love with the female lead and kidnaps her to become his bride. Mingyu and the female lead had met with each other like today but Li Yu Yan was the one who saved the Mingyu and gave him food, not Chu Feng. 

In a few years, when Mingyu turns eighteen, he goes and searches for the female lead to make her his bride. Right now, he was only eight. Though he was really small due to the slave captor's abuse and not feeding him right. He looked just like a five years old. 

Though what Chu feng did today may have changed the future. She had told herself not to interrupt the storyline, but she did anyways.

Chu Feng just couldn't leave a small child like that alone. Her past was reminded for the second that she saw the muscle uncles chasing after Mingyu.

What she did today, she did not regret. She already knew about Mingyu's fate: a divine beast, the golden serpent, who will get killed for believing that the female lead loves him. This tragic character really broke Chu Feng's heart while reading the book. 

Everyone had a tragic ending and life except for the main male and female lead. 

Has she stayed in this book for so long that she now sympathizes with the characters of this book?

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