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trinity !

currently we're sitting at ihop and they acting a whole

" so when u gone hook me up bitch " kylah said

" whenever you want .. who u want " i asked

" baby joe " she said with a smirk

i pulled out my phone and texted baby joe

<<joe my cousin want u

babyjoe🙄♥️:oouu what she look like

<<😂🙄ft me and see

when i sent that joe called me asap i laughed to myself how thirsty he was

" hey brother " i said smiling

" wassam sister where she at " he asked

" here kylah" i said handing here the phone

" anybody else " i asked turning my attention to the girls while joe and kylah talked

" hell yea bitch me " karmen and gabriel said

" who u want " i asked pointing to gabby

" boomer sexc ass " she said as a smile spread across her face

" bitch is u crazy that black jesus " i said

" bitch he sexc stfu she want quando rondo " she said pointing to karmen

" u bitches weird .. give me my damn phone talk to him on yours " i said snatching the phone from her

" ight ima call yo ass back .. umm i'm coming home early today cause kentrell birthday next week so don't tell him " i said

" so what time u coming today " he asked

" round 1 " i said

" ight sis ima holla at you " he said before hanging up

" y'all coming back with us or nah " kira said

" hell yea we coming shit " nova said

" right hell i bitch be tired of staying there with them people " gabby  said

" ight we probably need to start to head home i booked our tickets already " nunu said

" ight lets go " cat said


while we were getting on the plan these bitches were loud ass hell me almost everybody and that bitch looked at us crazy

" boo bitch fuck u looking at hell all in my damn face for , can i have my face back " i asked bucking at the old white lady

" damn bitch ok den let me sit my ass down for she hurt me " kaylin said as the rest of the girls took there sits

" right hell " karmen said

" i texted joe " cat asked

" yea i texted him and told him we was getting on the plan he said he would be waiting for us " i said as i plugged my earphones in

time went by so face i didn't even realize we was here

" come on bitches " rere yelled

" there go joe ass right there " kira said as we started walking towards him

" wassuh come on i'm finna take y'all home so y'all can put them bags and shit up " he said as he got in the car

on the way home these assholes was flirting like they where the only ones in the car

" get out now " he said

" damn bitch bet ole chop stick looking ass " kylah said

" what y'all wanna do " cat asked as i unlocked the door

" shid idm " nova said

" let's go to the studio " nunu suggested

" bet " kira said do we walked back out and got into my truck

as we drove there these bitches where cracking jokes and shit

" get out and come on " i said laughing

" they got the music all the way up and shit " nunu said as she twisted the nub

when she opened the door i so a back sitting on kentrell lap and his tongue down her throat

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