Chapter 1: 1758

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"Hahahaha" Hannah laughed as she flew on her broom over the village of Charles Towne.

"You all banned me and shunned me when I just wanted to be loved, now I will make you all pay" she waved her hand and 3 homes caught on fire.

People were running and screaming for their lives.

She pointed her finger and 3 families turned to stone.

"Hahaha my revenge starts now," she came down to the ground and walked the village.

Pointing and waving her fingers around killing women, men, and children, setting homes on fire.

She looked to her left and saw a man. This was not just any man, this was Michael Jackson, the most beautiful man in Charles Towne.

His full set of curly hair that hugged his face, muscles that showed through his shirt and big hands.

Hannah had a thing for Michael but he always turned her down.

"Mr. Michael Jackson" Hannah said walking up to his little shack.

He is standing infront protecting his wife Nancy and their 2 kids, Elizabeth and Erin.

"I wanted you so badly, this pathetic excuse for a wife couldn't handle you can't help you. I could have been there for you baby. But no, you chose to be with her. Do you know she is pregnant with Harold Stephens child??"

Michael looks back at his wife "Is it true?" She is looking at me with such hate

"You witch, I hate you!" she screams

Hannah turns her hands and Nancy disappears.

"Mommy no" Erin yells and Elizabeth is crying.

"And you know that these aren't even your kids, they also belong to Harold" she says waving her hands and the kids drop to the ground

"Nooo, regardless they were my family and I still loved them. How can you be so dam evil?" he says tears starting to fill his eyes

"Well you didn't want to be with me Michael. I don't take being told no very lightly" she snapped her fingers and Michael and Hannah were inside the old well that was 10 ft deep.

"So Michael before I kill you" she steps to him and bites deep into his neck and digging her hands into his skin.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" Michael's scream echo from the well. He drops to the ground.

"Now baby boy, you will live with the curse forever. Oh but don't worry you will die, but it will take a virgin to being you back." She was floating and her hands started to glow green.

She threw them towards Michael and he was being zapped.

He was shaking and screaming, "Hannah, I swear on the God I know and love, I will come back and kill you. I will hunt for you no.matter how long it takes. It will be my turn to get my revenge."

"Only a virgin can bring you back Mikey."

She had a red ball of fire in her hands "Goodbye Michael" she threw it at him,and he turned to stone.

Hannah dropped back to the ground and walked over to Michael's statue. She rubbed his face and kissed his lips one last time before signaling her broom, it came down into the well and she hopped on.

"Things wouldn't have been like this, if you were with me" her final words before she rode off into the night.

to be continued......



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