Part 2

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We all walked into the house and smelt hella good food.
"Y/N?" I called out and she walked out the kitchen.
"Hey guys so I cooked," She said and came over to hug me.
"I thought you couldn't come?" I said.
"Well after Lunch with my mom she said I could come over after bringing her home," Y/N saod and gave me a quick kiss.
"You are so amazing," I said and heard fake gags behind me.
"Get a room!" The guys yelled and passed by us.
"The foods already," Y/N said and turned back to me.
"So wanna go upstairs and oh I don't know...," She started.
"Lets go baby girl," I said and dragged her up to my room.

once we got to Jack's room he kicked the door shut and locked it. I took no time removing my shirt as he did too.
"Jesus you're beautiful," Jack said biting his lip and pushed me up against the wall. Jack grabbed onto my ass making me jump into his arms. He smirked before finally connecting our lip. We made out like that for a little bit before Jack moved up to his bed.
"Jack," moaned out slightly when he moved down to my neck and leaving small kisses down my body. He got to my jeans and undid them. He undid his too and I sat up.
"No baby tonight is for you," Jack said and went down between my legs.
"Oh God," I moanes out slightly from the feeling of his breath hitting my upper thigh.
"I haven't even done anything yet," he chuckled.
"Well then do something," I said and Jack plunged One finger into me.
"Jesus," I hissed out and He added another fing and pumped them in and out of my soaking wet core. I moaned out alittle loud and Jack continued.

Zach POV:
I walked up mine and Jacks room and heard moans. I went over to the door and listened to what was happening.
"Fuck jesus Jack," I heard Y/N moan.
"What you like that babygirl," I heard jack.
"Agh don't stop," Y/N moaned again. I rolled my eyes and walked back Downstairs to the guys.
"You where are they?" Jonah asked.
"Upstairs," I said and Daniel nodded.
"They fucking aren't they?" Corbyn questioned and I nodded slowly.
"Just eat I'll be back," I said grabbing my car keys and walking out the house.

"Jesus," I said out of breath as Jack fell next to me.
"You're amazing," Jack says and kissed my temple.
"So are you," I said and Jack got up.
"Let me get you some clothes," Jack said throwing away the condom and threw one if his shirts at me. He got dressed himself and layed down next to me.
"I love you," Jack said and pecked my lips.
"I love you too baby," I said and Jack looked at the door.
"What?" I asked and Jack looked at me.
"Nothing," Jack said and kissed me again.
"Ok?" I questioned and cuddled up with him.

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