- Soon As I Get Home -

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- Chapter 6 -

- Chapter 6 -

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Finally I made it home around 12:37 in the morning. The house was very quiet. No kids running around crying. Dave is asleep. Good cause I have the scent of cologne on my body. No I haven't done anything bad. Eli just wanted for me to go to a after party. We drunk some liquor. Smoke some weed but then the police came in and stop the party. It was like high school all over again. Except I'm going home to a husband and kids.

I tip toe to my room so I can take off these clothes and take a shower. But I was caught. "Where were you?"I heard dave deep voice say behind me. I sigh heavily tilting my head back. "Answer me"

"I went to a after party. The sponsor invited me"I whispered so I won't wake up the kids.

"Babe, I'm happy that you went out and have fun but that's not work related"Dave mumble. "An after party?"

"Dave please. Can we just drop this and talk about it in the morning"I whispered.

"It is morning"Dave answered back smartly. "So we have enough time to talk"

"Dave please, can I......"dave cut me off.

"No how bout you listen to me. Tell your job or sponsor that your busy dealing with family and you can't be here and there all the time. Keegan I can smell the weed on you and liquor. What kind of shit is that?"dave semi yelled. "You know what, I don't have to keep explaining this over and over again"dave grab his phone and went upstairs to our room. I stayed downstairs for a while so I can clear my mind.

Eli texted me around 1:07 saying 'see you tomorrow Ig' 

Should I text him back? Or leave him on read. But Dave is a bit right. Well all the way right. I need to spend time with my family.


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