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Jungkook POV
"CEO Manoban, are you okay now?" I respectly said.

"I already told you that I'm fine now, do you want me to repeat again jeongguk?." she rudely said and she leave her bed in VIP room.

"How many times I will tell you, that don't call me in my old name."i glare.

"Tss, Fine Vice President Jeon, are you happy now huh." she said and roll her eyes on me.

Tss what a rude woman, since we're in elementary she's already rude on me, when we're highschool she's still rude as always, in college, it's good that we're not the same school, thankfully.

But when I suddenly heard that she's getting married I felt sad, coz since we're in elementary i have a secret crush on her, and we're highschool, I didn't even confess on her, coz I know she will just laugh on me.

And now they got divorce, I think it's time to confess on her.

"Hey Lisa." I shyly said.

"CEO Manoban, Not Lisa Kid." she said ughh.

"Btw, what is it?" she said.

"Are you free tonight?." I shyly said.

And she fucking laugh at me, ughh I know this will be happen.

"Haha are you kidding me?, this is the first time you invite me haha." she said and she's still laughing at me.

"Just answer me, Yes or No?." I said and she think carefully.

"Nah, let's just dinner at my home, BTW do you have place to live?." she asked.

"Nope."i said and she fucking hit me at my back.

"You came here without knowing where to sleep, such an idiot." she said and we went outside of VIP room.

While Lisa's keep talking about shits, I saw Jennie's hiding at Wall and she keep looking at Lisa secretly.

I was about to walk to her but Lisa hold my hand, my heart beats so fast when she hold my fucking hand.

"Are you listening huh? And where are you going?." she irritatingly said.

I didn't answer her and I call Jennie.

"Hey Jennie." I said and Lisa glare at me.

"H-hi, Vice President Je-Jeon." she stuttering said.

"Just call me Jungkook, BTW why are you hiding there?." I asked she began to panicked.

"Huh what!, you just let her call your name except me huh! Unfair!." Lisa said and walk out. Ugh.

"Um, N-nothing, o-o-OK-okay, b-b-bye." she said and she ran so fast.


I went outside of the hospital and I saw Lisa waiting for me near to her car, and I think she's cold waiting for me.

I take off my jacket and I put it on her and she look at me.

" Thank Goodness your here. "she said.

" Why you didn't go inside your car instead of waiting here in this cold weather." I said and she look at me again.

" Coz I know your an idiot, you can even find me if I go to inside imma right?. "she said and before I open the door for Lisa, Jennie call Lisa's name.

" Lisa!. "She said.

Jennie POV
" Lisa! "

When Lisa look at me, the man who's hiding at the wall, ran off.

" What?. "she said.

" No-nothing. "I said and she roll her eyes on me.

And they go now.

I know that guys who's hiding at the wall, he is the one who stab Lisa in Seoul.

I need to protect Lisa, but I can't even go closer in her, because she's always with Jungkook.

Ughh, damn.

Lisa POV
I'm still silent and I saw jungkook looking at me.

"Why are you staring at me?." I said and he smile.

"Stop smiling." I said and he look at me.

"You still love her right?." he said.

"Huh?." I said.

"Stop Denying Lisa, Jennie is your ex wife, and I think you still love her." he said.

"Ughh, I can't even hide my secrets on you ugh.

" Hahha, coz your an idiot. "he said.

" Who give you an right to call me like that."i said and I give him a death glare.

" Chill. "he said.

"Just drive fastly I'm getting hungry." I said and he nodded.

~Time Skipped~

While we're eating, he said something on me.

"Why don't we do some jealous mission?." he asked.

"Huh? How?."i asked.

" Basic, let's pretend to be in relationship." and I spit my water on him.

" What the fuck Lisa! "he shouts.

"uggghhhh fine, let's do that." I said and I leave him.

"Jealous Mission huh?."

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