2. Prince of Caldus

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Prince Gale POV

We didn't succeeded again. What do I tell father? If this goes on then it will be our loses and everyone else whoever connected with any of this.

Cassius accompanied me for meeting father.

The Knights who have accompanied us to the forest that day didn't came as we didn't found anything. He didn't want to show his defeated face so I let him go.

Cassius asked me, "What do we tell father?"

I said looking at the way, "The truth, we didn't found nothing." He stopped.

He looked back and return his gaze, then whispered, "Well I did."

I continued as he left behind and then I stopped, "What did you just said?"

He scratched his neck and said, "Well, that is not clear what I actually saw back then but.." he stopped tried to look convincing. That thing he do everytime when he wasn't really sure but want us to believe him.

"Whatever that was, it knows we are hunting something down, maybe that's that it may have thought that... I assume." he said putting force only in that thing.

We started walking again then he continued, "It's like when I was in the forest, particularly when I was around somewhere there..."

We stopped again, I shushed him holding up my hand and asked seriously, "Are you sure whatever, you are saying really going to help gain us help in further our search?"

He rubbed his eyes with both his hand and run his fingers through his well settled hair and said, "I don't know if it was the same we are hunting for. This time we missed it, I'm not going to let that happen again.."

He wanted to say something but stopped.

We continued.

When we reached outside the room father wanted us to meet, both the guard nodded. I nodded and enter with Cassius.

Father wasn't alone, there was another official present too. They talking about something serious.

We maintained our distance so that they didn't got distracted by our presence.

Cassius came behind me and said, "Care too go further so that I could hear what they are talking about?"

I whispered, "If you want to listen so badly, why don't you go beside father. You can hear everything from there I assure you."

I looked through the corner of my eyes as he narrowed them and looked sharply at me.

I chuckled.

"Your boys got along perfectly, your majesty." he nodded at us.

I regretfully nodded as I brought my brother forward and he nodded too.

I said, "Our apologies sire. We didn't meant to disturb."

He swiftly added looked at me then to our father, "Don't apologize son. Show these formalities to someone else." he stopped for a moment then raises his both hand together, "Come greet me heart to heart." and laughed.

That made Cassius laugh too.

I stared at him then approach forward.

The greeting was warm, I felt my father gaze at me when I looked at him. He looked peaceful calm, a small smirk form in my father's lips.

I was confused.

When we apart he turned to my brother, "What are you waiting for young man?"

This time it's my turn, I swiftly pulled him closer to the official and cleared my throat, "Come on little brother."

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