Spilt 'the first part

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My arm strained up, reaching higher. My palms were sweaty, each one of my muscles flexed.

I was in an extremely compromising position; my left foot was turned inward, doing the best it could at standing on a rock that was a mere 5 centimeters thick, my right foot was hoisted up near my waist, my left hand gripping a rock by my face with all of the strength I could muster, now here's were it gets complicated, my right hand needed to reach a rock that was nearly three feet above my head. Although I tried my best to look as graceful as I could on that rock wall, I'm quite certain I looked like some awkward spider holding on for dear life.

I some how need to push off of my right foot with enough force to reach that rock in order to reach the top. Easy? No.

A warm drop of sweat slid from my temple down my cheek, dipped and followed my jaw line. My right hand, which was laying slack at my side, reached behind me into a bag of powder. I coated my hand with the powder and looked up at the rock. It seemed to be laughing at me, changeling me to make a leap that was nearly impossible.

I glared at it.

Holding on tight with my left hand, I bounced a little on my right foot, preparing for the leap.

I have this.

You, rock. Your mine.

With that last thought, I jumped.  


"Fuck!" I yelled through my clench teeth as I laid on the floor. Closing my eyes I took a deep, long frustrated breath.

"Damn, you took a pretty nasty fall. Are you alright?" I turned my head slightly to  look in the direction of the voice. Jim, an employee at the rock climbing gym looked down on me.

"I'm fine." I snapped, with a little more intensity than I had intended.

His hands came up in surrender, before turning away from me and dealing with a customer.

I continued to lay on the floor, staring up at the wall in front of me.

I have done this wall at least 30 times today. Each time ended with me laying flat of my back and pissed off. I can't seem to get past this level.

I could already feel my head beginning to throb from hitting it so hard on the floor every time I fell.

As much as I hated to do it, I would have to give up for today.

I grudgingly hauled my ass off the ground and carried myself over to the front desk.

"Hey I'm sorry for snapping at you a moment ago, I'm just agitated." I said as I pulled off my rented climbing shoes and handed them to Jim.

He shrugged, "I understand, that level is tough."

I nodded. I should have that damn thing by now.

"You know you wouldn't fall if you used the ropes, right?" Jim asked pulling me from my angry thoughts.

I laughed, "Yes I know, but that takes the excitement and fear out of it."

He shook his head in disbelief.

"I'll see you tomorrow Jim." I waved an headed out the door.

I turned the key in the ignition, shutting my car off once I had pulled into my drive way.

My hands were sore and red, my forearms ached by now, in need of a hot shower.

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