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So I saw there's like 4.35-something thousand reads on this book. Thank you guys! I'm glad you're enjoying it very much!:)

We finally land after a couple hours and I still had no idea where we were. David and I boarded off the plane and we walk into the airport. I look around to find some type of hint to know where we were. So far, I found nothing.

"Are you excited?" David asks as he grabs my hand, probably making sure we wouldn't lose each other in the busy building.

"I kinda am but I'd be more excited if I knew where we were." I laugh at him.

"Trust me, Lauren. Once we get there, you'll be so happy." He says.

David pulls a pair of keys from his pockets and we walk through the parking lot to find whatever car we had. I knew it wasn't his Tesla, but I couldn't figure out what car it was. Until he presses the unlock button and a red Ford Mustang Convertible beeps twice.

"Did you rent this?" I chuckle as David tosses the bags in the backseat.

"Of course. It's gonna be hot so I thought a roofless car is necessary." He says. I shake my head a him as I climbed into the passenger seat. David's camera sat between us, obviously he'll be making a vlog over our trip. But was it a good idea? Would it be smart to post a video without explaining to his viewers what happened?

"So. The house we're staying at is a private house, which is on the private island. So nobody knows we'll be there except for the landlord. We can do anything we want, even go skinny dipping." David says as we drove onto the main road.

"We're staying at a private island?!" I squeal.

"Shit! I didn't mean to ruin the surprise!" David laughs.

"How were you going to tell me?" I laugh.

"Well. Once we got to the mountains and all, I'd hoped you figure it out yourself and that's how you'd know where we are." He says.

"Are we in Hawaii?" I ask.

"Yeah, babe." He chuckles.

"David! This is so amazing! Thank you!" I squeal and kiss his cheek multiple times.

"I figured it would make you happy. And I knew taking a break from all that's happening right now would be a stress relief for you." He smiles.

"You're the best." I say. We continue to drive for about an hour longer and David pulls onto the beach. We climbed out and gathered our things and I follow him to the dock that walked over the ocean.

"I thought we were staying at a house?" I ask him.

"We are. When I said it's private, Lauren, it's private." He chuckles. "Sort of. Basically it is. We have neighbors but their on a different islands than the one we're staying on." He explains.

"An island? A whole island itself?" I ask. "You rented out a private island for us?" My brows raise up to the sky in surprise.

"We needed this, you needed this." He smiles at me. I didn't know if I wanted to cry or smile or say nothing. David had me speechless for sure and I didn't know how to react to the surprise he had made for us.

"You don't like it?" He asks. "I thought a private island would be fun." He says.

"No! No, no. David it's just," I paused and inhaled deeply for a minute. "No ones ever done this for me." I tell him. He smiles and grabs my hand.

"Well I'm glad I'm the first." He says and kisses my cheek.

We approach the glass door of the house and I stare at my reflection. David sets down the bags and he unlocks the door. He slides the door open and allows me in first as he picks up the bags and carries them inside. I venture around the house, looking around it. Everything was perfect here. Marble flooring, counters, neutral decor, mini palm trees in large flower pots in some corners here and there. Everything was perfect.

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