Chapter 9 Return

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Chapter 9


Zacks POV

I had asked Astaroth to reverse my holy weapons to weapons of the damned. Which basically meant they hurt holy beings or humans but won't hurt demons. He did as I asked, but he had asked why I wanted it done. I hadn't told him and I wasn't planning to. The only person that knew was Alexia.

I am returning to earth today to fight the angels. I figure killing a few branch members would cause enough chaos from me to get them off their feathery asses. If not, I might just wipe out the whole order for the hell of it.

I know I sound like a monster, that would be because I am the ultimate monsters son. And I'm embracing all my power so I can be strong enough to kill the angels. Plus, they will come after me if I let them live.

I equipped my sword and two guns and swung my black hooded trench coat over my scared chest. I had made modifications to my gear, for my wings and so by flames won't burn them off. I had also gotten my skin dark grey now.

I didn't wear a shirt under my trench coat, so my dark grey scared chest was exposed. I wore black jeans with no shoes. I went to the door and pulled up my hood right before leaving.

I walked through the hall to the door leading to the human world.

"You going to have some fun?" Lucifer asked from behind me.

I nodded before continuing to walk, but my dad put a hand on my shoulder and I stopped.

"I think you should take Astaroth and Azazel. They haven't been on the human world in a few days." Satan advices and I sighed. Out of nowhere Astaroth and Azazel appear.

"Ok. You kids have fun." Satan said walking away and waving.

I opened the door and we stepped into the Branch courtyard.

"Liking the badass look." Astaroth complimented.

I drew my sword and unholstered one of my guns.

I began walking towards the front door kicked it in when I got it.

"You sure you really want this?" Azazel asked with a smirk. I simply looked at him and he nodded. "Just wanted to make sure." He said. My dark orange eyes glowed through the darkness.

We walked through the base until I stopped.

"What is it?" Astaroth asked.

"Trap." I stated an stepped on the tripwire. I didn't even blink as the explosion engulfed us.

I blinked once and the smoke cleared instantly. My hood hadn't even come off.

I looked over at Azazel and Astaroth who were smirking.

"Our turn?" Azazel asked and I nodded. "You first." Azazel urged.

I raised my sword over my head as it began to glow with gold flames. I slammed the blade into the ground and massive vortex of gold flames demolished the building. After the dust cleared once more, I realized I had demolished the whole compound. Yet there were no exorcists to be found.

"They moved. Cowards!" Astaroth hissed.

I began to walk towards the city.

"Oh shit, he ain't done yet." Azazel said jokingly and Astaroth laughed but I was silent.

In just a few minuets, Azazel and Astaroth had obliterated 15 buildings and caused a massive amount of death.

"Thought you didn't fight unless absolutely needed." Astaroth remarked as Azazel killed and demolished more things.

"lied." Azazel said with a smirk and Astaroth laughed.

"Thought so." Astaroth commented.

We continued to destroy the city, in my secret hopes the angels would come to the rescue.

After we had demolished the whole city into rubble and their were still no angels, I was kinda disappointed and bored.

Just then a small army of exorcist surrounded us.

"Aren't you guys a little late?" Azazel questioned, though he got no reply.

"I personally don't care, just as long as I can kill them." Astaroth said contributing his two cents.

"What about you Zack? You up for another fight." Azazel asked and looked him in the eye with a evil smile. "Cool." He said after realizing my answer.

"exorcist Zack Runner, we hear by place you under arrest for the death and destruction of the people of the Red zone. come along quietly or we will have to use force." Said a random exorcist.

I raised my head to look all of them in the eye. My hood still covered my head so only my dark glowing orange were clearly visible. It was now night anyway.

I practically radiated raw power. I readied my gun and sword and launched myself at the small army of exorcists.

"Guess that's a no." Astaroth chuckled and Azazel nodded as they too launched themselves into battle.

Regardless of the fact they were once my allies, I killed them without hesitation. I needed the darkness in my heart to be strong enough to consume a angels light.

In just minuets the whole squad of exorcists lay in one big bloody pile. I felt their souls leave their body and enter mine. I then realized what was happening, I was absorbing their energy.

"Don't worry it's normal for a demon to absorb the souls of the newly dead. Think of yourself as a container. The more souls you have the stronger you are. Same goes for angels." Azazel explained.

"How many you got?" I asked.

"About 8 billion." Azazel said and it looked at Astaroth.

"Three billion." Astaroth said and I nodded.

Why won't the angels come down? I guess I'd end up killing them all since I don't know which ones killed my family.

I was about to turn around and leave when I herd a unfamiliar sound of feet on pavement. Wait a sec, we killed everyone didn't we? So who the hell is these guys? Oh, are they the angels?

"Yo." Azazel said as they neared and the people looked like regular humans, minus the glowing blue eyes.

"Leave!" They said in unison.

"I'll leave as soon as I get one question answered." I say and the mystery people look intrigued.

"What is your question?" A man asked.

"Which angel killed my human family?" I said coldly.

All of them were silent as they looked at me.

"Michaels and Gabriel's son." A little girl said and all the angels glared at her.

"Who is he?" I asked.

"You know him, and will know him when he is near." The girl replied.

"Where can I find him?" I asked and the girl frowned.

"Washington DC. Why?" The same girl responded. I didn't need to reply for her to know.

I turned to leave and Astaroth and Azazel followed my lead.

We descended back into hell.

"You really going to kill a archangels son?" Azazel asked and I nodded.

"Wait, I'm confused. Which one is the chick?" Astaroth asked.

"Gabriel." Azazel said and Astaroth nodded.

"You ok Zack?" Alexia asked as I walked by her.

"No." Was all I said as I headed into my room.

In all truth, Alexia was the only one I've ever really opened up too. I never really decided to trust or talk to anyone else.

I threw my trench coat over the couch and climbed in bed after stripping down to my shorts.

I don't care if this mystery person used to be my best friend, when I find him. He's going to die, slowly and painfully.

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