Chapter 10: Lå Kjempe Skala

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The orange eye squinted. The ground shook violently, rocks fell from the wall. The wall then exploded outwards, revealing wings that cast a shadow past the old womans cabin. A second wing burst out, the ground cracked beneath him. A claw crawled up from the evergrowing crack beneath him, the rock wall breaking again to reveal a foot. A tail burst upwards, the beast crawled out from its rock encasing, looking at edward head-on. Edward laughed is it advanced. "Oh shit." Edward chuckled as it squinted its eyes. It flew its claw out with amazing speed, edward ducked and backed away. Its other claw thrust down, edward dove out of the way, a large claw mark left in the cobble. He swooned in and out of attacks, the beast clawing like a lion. Suddenly it stopped clawing, it brought its head back, a plume of smoke came out its nostrils. Edward kneeled and covered his head as it brought torrential flame upon the ground. The fire shot out like a fire hose, melting the rock around him. It spewed this flame for a good 10 seconds, edward peeked out from his cocoon. He was untouched. The beast squinted its eyes almost to the point that they were closed, it wasn't happy. It then baraged him with its claws, he ran in different directions, having trouble hitting Edward because of its immense size. It was frustrated, it brought both its claws down, missing edward by an inch. "Thats it." Edward said annoyed, he drove his sword into the claw and started running up its arm. Edward gripled fiercely as it writhed, making his way up to its head. He grabbed one of its neck spikes, heaving it upwards. The beast reared upward in response. Edward frowned. He loosened his grip and it fell back down. Edward smiled. He grabbed another neck spike and pulled it back, its wings lifted, it brought them down with great force, making edward bounce a little. It continued, bringing its wings down, it flapped up and down and edward could see the ground get i little smaller each flap, The wind from its mighty wings nearly blew Edward off. It flew higher and higher, the small cabin a small dot. Edward drove the spike forward, and it took off. Edward grabbed ferociously to the spikes, the wind nearly disenabling his breath. He flew over valleys and mountains fields of flowers and grain, the sun sparkling off the uniform waves. Edward loosened his grip, the sun shone on his face, the air smelled of the ocean, the green pine trees. Suddenly the beast dove, he grabbed quickly, he squeezing his legs to its neck. They were sent into a dive, spinning all the while. The ground got closer and closer, the sky disappearing from view. Edward, forced his head upwards against the raging wind, and saw a meadow below him. He struggled to open his eyes any wider, but managing so. He saw people, the others running for the trials. The beast refused to stop, it kept falling, edward now able to see the texture in the grass. It didn't stop, edward tucked his head under his shoulders. Then the beast slread its wings and threw its legs forward, catching the air and landing with a hard thud. Edward stepped over its neck spikes and slid down its neck to the ground, feeling like he was floating due to the rapid descent. The announcer chuckled loudly and said, "Ah, so you met Osgar." Edward smirked looking back at the massive dragon. It was at least the size of the seattle public library. "Sadly." Osgar said in an incredibly ghastly, deep rasp. "You haven't changed." The announcer laughed. "Why would i change." Osgar said, followed by a piercing call halfway between a long chirp and a growl. He flapped his wings, the eind produced knocking back almost everyone in the group. It flew off into the distance, doing airel stunts as he sank into the horizon. The announcer laughed, rolling his eyes as he turned back to the crowd. "Congratulations, you all have finished The Trials." He boomed. People celebrated, friends highfiving, and engaging in conversation. "Well i geuss its time to return to the school." At this he started chuckling uncontrollably. He reached into his shirt and despite there being no buldge grabbed a megaphone, bringing it up to his lips and yelled, "WAKE UP!!!". Edward sat up very suddenly, he hadn't had been laying down when the announcer had yelled. He looked around and saw orange posts lining the way up a trail. He looked behind him and laughed. They had never left the starting line. The people at the stands that gave out food and supplies were clapping and whistling, the announcer leaning on his knees and wheezing from laughter. A boy got up, looking furious. He walked up to the announcer and yelled, "You think this is fucking funny, we could have died, this shit fucked with our minds!" The announcer attempted to compose himself as he said, "First of all yes very much so and two you were in no danger, all of that was a simulation." The boy snarled and brought his fist back, throwing it outwards. The announcer rolled his eyes as he caught it and brought it behind the boys back. "First of all that was incredibley choreographed i saw it from a mile away and secondly we have medical teams on the standby." The announcer said, he kicking him to the ground. Edward stood up and said, "So where do i go?" The announcer turned to him and said, "Just return to your longhouse." He said grinning at his question. "Cool." Edward said as he walked towards the path. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a girl waving, looking to her. It was Molly. "Oh hey." Edward smiled. "Hey." She said. She hugged him, saying "You did really good." Edward grinned and said, "How would you know?" Beggining to walk down the trail. "Well what happened was pretty much the magical matrix." She said. "Thats what i assumed, so you spectated it somehow." Edward replied. "Yeah. Your smart." She smiled. "No i know how to infer." He laughed. She giggled uncontrollably, letting her head fall onto his arm. They walked back to the little outlet, a campfire roaring next to the lapping waves. They sat down on the logs and looked into the fire. "What i did was Echoing." Molly said. "Men can't do it, its a women only thing. Its technically a version of a succubus's powers." Edward slapped his knees and yelled "I fucking knew all women were succubus's!" Molly giggled again. "Well, a lot of girls don't use it very much plus there is no feeding, only detection. I could watch your dreams like a movie and feel your exact emotions but i wouldn't be able to draw energy from them." Molly said still smiling. "Is there a guy only thing?" Edward asked. "Yeah, animal whispering, a man can control animals, especially so with animals they connect with. Like if your spirit animal is a bear you can control it with damn near no effort." Edward nodded. "That explains a lot. I could calm down and pet any dog or cat i came across, no matter the hostility of it." Molly leaned back, "That would explain it." Molly leaned her head on Edwards shoulder, the pair looking into the fire.

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