Chapter Twenty-Two

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"What would happen if we just left? Do you think Amber would find us?" Daisy asks while Jonathan ties Carlos back up.

"Probably, She always finds us." Duncan says, he was now laying back down on his cot and writing something in a notebook.

"I think we should hunt her down, kill her for once and for all." Sammy says, he had his hand around Daisy's shoulder.

"You need to swap out your eye patch." Daisy says and Sammy groans.

"Do I have to?" Sammy complains as if he was a seven year old. Daisy laughs.

"You don't want it to get infected do you?" Daisy asks and starts to look through her bag for some gauze and fabric.

"What's there to infect? My eye?" Sammy asks "Oh yeah, I don't have an eye."

"What happened to your eye anyways?" Jonathan asks and sits down beside where Duncan lay.

"I was attacked by a werewolf, aka our old friend." Sammy says and starts to unwrap the fabric from his head. "I'm modern Carl Grimes."

Duncan laughed at that comment but started coughing immediately after. Lauren handed Duncan his "spit bucket" and he spit up blood. Daisy started to rewrap Sammy's eye with new fabrics.

"What are you writing Dunc?" Sammy asks Duncan who finally looks up from the notebook.

"Nothing." Duncan shrugs and looks back down.

"What if we lure Amber out, using Carlos as bait?" Lauren asks and Carlos laughs.

"Yeah, because she'll fall for that." Carlos says sarcastically and laughs and Lauren rolls her eyes.

"You're right, she probably doesn't even want you back." Lauren grins and Carlos shoots her a mean look.

"We can take her by surprise, I'll be able to find her hideout." Sammy says and everyone looks at one another. There was a silent agreement.

"When?" Jonathan asks and Sammy looks at Duncan.

"Tomorrow, If you're up to it?" Sammy asks Duncan.

"Yeah...I can do it."

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