Chapter Twenty-Three

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Each of them got a long, needed nights rest. Duncan did occasionally wake everyone up with his coughing fits but it didn't bother the others because they knew he couldn't help it. They left the van at the break of morning carrying backpacks full of garlic...just to be safe. Duncan's bag was filled with sharp wood spikes or metal poles.

"Duncan, do you remember when you were casted as Arthur Holmwood In Miss Drake's play and she wouldn't let you back out and play someone else?" Sammy asks, Duncan assumes he was trying to start conversation but actually he was getting towards something important.

"Yes..." Duncan says slowly.

"Do you think she was giving us a hint on what would happen in the future?" Sammy asks

"What do you mean?" Duncan asks. The boys were behind everyone else.

"In Dracula, Arthur Holmwood is the character that kills Dracula, he also kills vampire Lucy." Sammy begins.

"What does that have to do with me?" Duncan asks and adjusts the backpack on his shoulders.

"Maybe you are supposed to be the one to kill Amber. Maybe you're the only one that can. Maybe you have to kill Amber and someone that you care about that she's hurt." Sammy says and Duncan looks at his friend. A lot of people came into his head at that but one name stuck...that person is dead, they died while Duncan watched, so it couldn't be them...

"In Dracula, Arthur lives." Duncan mumbles and Sammy stays quiet. "You might just be trying to come up with an idea on how I could survive, don't you think?"

"You look exactly like Arthur did." Sammy blurts out.


"Arthur looked exactly like you, maybe he's a long lost cousin...or something." Sammy shrugs and walks up to Daisy and enlaces their fingers together while Duncan replayed their conversation over and over in his head. Arthur kills Lucy, but Lucy was already who is Arthur supposed to kill if Lucy is dead?

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