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Yn's pov
It's been weeks since I decided to break up with Dante. I feel hurt still kinda, but I mean I'm a free bird now, I can do what ever I want. Welp got to go do school.

Julia's pov
I went to go hangout with the gang. It's been a few weeks after Yn and Dante broke up. He's hurt, I feel bad I want to tell him why she broke up with him or so. I talk to Yn sometimes. She seems alright not that hurt. Today I got ready, headed to Hannah's house cause that's where we are going to hangout:). My mom left me and I knocked, I saw that they were all in a circle.
"What's this?"- I questioned
"Sit"- Matteo said
I sat next to Hannah and Mattues
"Okay Dante we need to have a word with you"- Matteo finally spoke up
We all have each other looks and know what Matteo was going to say.
"Wait Matteo can we talk...privately"-Mattues said before Matteo could say anything else.
They both got up

Mattues pov:
Matteo and me walked somewhere to talk.
"Are you sure you wanna do this?"- I said
"Yeah, do you see him, he's hurt he needs to know now, later on he's going to be sad and still not know the reason why y/n broke up with him. I wanna see Dante happy not sad, he's are bro"- Matteo said
"Ok then"- I agreed with him
We walked back.

Matteo's pov:
My stomach started to hurt, I'm not sure if I should do this. I don't wanna see Dante hurt, he's my brother. He's like family. So I started.
"Dante, so I know the reason why y/n broke up with you"- I said scared a little
"What?"- he questioned quietly
"I know the reason why y/n broke up with you. It's cause she/he doesn't really like long distances which you know, and cause Eden might have told her something."- I finally said
"What did Eden tell y/n"- he questioned
"That you had gotten Mono, but she had a reason"- I said trying to defend her
"What was the reason"- Dante said looking at me *im literally playing in my head that video of Cardi B arguing with someone and said "what was the reason" ok back to the story*
"She was playing truth or dare with her friends and she got dared to send someone that their boyfriend/girlfriend had mono"- I said
"So she chose y/n"- Dante said sadly
We all just sat there silently
"We are sorry"- hannah said braking the silence
"We truly are"- Michael said trying to comfort Dante
We all got into a group hug.
"I- can you guys excuse me"- Dante said sounding like he's going to cry
"Yeah yeah"- we all said

Dante's pov
I went to the bathroom. I sat on the side of the shower tub, I started to think why y/n why? Couldn't Eden pick someone else or what?

Y/n's pov
I was just chilling when I get a text from Julia

Julia <3

Okay so Matteo just told dante
why you broke up with him.

Oh is he ok?

I guess so, he went to the

Can you do me a favor and
check on him?

Sure :)

Thank you <3

Ugh I feel bad what do I do now. I miss him badly but it was, I don't even know at this point:(

*omg look who updated :). I'll try writing one later :)*

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