10. The Clueless Husband

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Am I married?

For the umpteenth time, I asked that question with myself because it kept on pestering me every minute of the day. Since I couldn't discuss this puzzle with anyone, I tried to find the answer online.

I went through several online blogs and writers expressed different opinions regarding my confused situation like it said that the bride and groom needed to be true to their words during the wedding vows or else, they couldn't be truly married.

At least, I was right about one thing and that was – Samara couldn't call herself Ashar's wife right now.

So, the grand wedding that was witnessed by the entire country was just a fake event. The famous, lovey-dovey couple wasn't a married couple.

Anyways, there were online articles which explicated that if someone is faking to be a bride or a groom in a Church and proclaimed all the vows in front of God, they could be called married because God is their witness.

That was a religious view. Well then, there was a chance that according to Christian religion, I was married to Ashar.

I smacked my forehead with my palm in frustration.

I didn't want to accept the religious view.

"Am I looking good? Please be honest."

Carol's voice snapped me out of my bothersome thoughts.

I was standing outside the venue of the Noah's brother's birthday party with Carol. It had been three days since I'd resigned from Hobsons and no one had contacted me from there.

I looked at her, chewing the corner of my lower lip, "Yes, you're looking perfect."

She was looking cute and indeed, beautiful in a navy blue, cocktail dress with neck-length, copper hair, making her look slender. Her dangling, small earrings were twinkling in the night lights.

I didn't know about Noah, but some of the guys in the party were certainly going to steal glimpses of her.

"Thank you Sanaya for coming. I'm very nervous today." She chuckled tensely.

I rolled my eyes, "Relax, Babe."

I gathered all my black hair and brought them all forward on my left shoulder. My previous hair color had faded now.

"But listen, if I see you get busy with Noah and leaving me alone, I would leave, okay?"

She grinned teasingly, "You won't be alone. Noah's family has connection with Hobsons. Maybe, they are going to be there in the party."

I looked at her disbelievingly.

"You didn't tell me why you stopped working for Hobsons." She continued.

No, no. I couldn't afford to see any of the Hobsons. I was running away from them.

"Anyways, the party is grand. Many rich families are there." She grabbed my hand and began dragging me to follow her.

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