Chapter 3: Issues

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Mention of abuse

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3rd POV

Sero walked inside only to be greeted by his aunt. "Hanta Sero, where the h*ll were you?" Okashi asked, cupping his face into her hands: her voice was intimidating, but her height sorta ruined the effect. "Sorry Aunt Okashi. Me and my friend lost track of time." She let go of his face and folded her arms. "It's fine." she huffed. "But next time it happens, you'll be in trouble, okay?" He nodded, then walked up the stairs to put his stuff away.

He walked into his room: it was small, with a window right near his bed. He sat down in front of the window and opened his bag. He took out his phone, headphones, and the small box he had placed in there yesterday. He stared at it; so far, he hadn't used it at school. "Hanta, time for dinner!" Okashi yelled. Sero stood up and walked back to the kitchen.

When he sat down, Okashi placed a plate of dumplings in front of him. "I made your favorite!" she smiled, and the two ate dinner. "So," his aunt asked, "what'd you learn at school today?" Sero didn't answer automatically; he was starting to get a sick feeling that was all too familiar. "Nothing much. Aizawa-Sensei gave us all this big lecture on how most heroes' goals are different than the goals of the originals, stuff like that." he said.

After dinner, he told his aunt goodnight and walked back to his room. He changed into his pjs and sat on his bed. He had to wait for his aunt to fall asleep, so he decided to kill the time with a little hobby of his.

He grabbed the little box: it was a source of comfort for him. He opened it and smiled.

Inside were three razor blades, a roll of bandages, and a small photograph. He put on his headphones and started playing his music. Sero then grabbed a razor blade, rolled up his left sleeve, and started slicing.

He hummed along to the song as the blade pressed into his skin. This was how he relaxed. If it hadn't been for her, he would probably be sleeping right now or playing video games. If it hadn't been for her, people would be able to high-five him or hold his hand. If his mother hadn't done what she did, he would be at home right now, living with his parents and being a normal kid! He sighed, putting down the razor.

This whole tragedy started not a year after he was born: that was when his father had died. Sero had few memories of him, but he knew that Kenkyona Sero was a kind man. When he died, his mother, Hidoiku Sero, started drinking. She was never the nicest woman, but on alcohol she was pure evil. She started abusing Sero, beating him and smashing bottles over his head, blaming him for Kenkyona's death. Sero himself became afraid of being touched and never misbehaved; if he ever acted bad, Hidoiku would lock him in the basement for a whole day. Soon, the only people he talked to were Kirai and certain adults. As he got older, the abuse got worse and worse until one day, when he was ten, his mom went crazy. She had drinken multiple bottles of beer like usual, but what she did that night was unforgivable.
She had beaten him like normal, but then she'd broken a bottle and stabbed him with it, knocking over a couple of candles. In seconds, the house was on fire. Hidoiku had escaped, but Sero was stuck inside. Eventually, one of his neighbors noticed the smoke and called the heroes. He was saved, but automatically sent to the hospital. When the doctors examined him, they found signs of multiple beatings. Remembering what his mom would do to him, Sero lied, saying some older kids would beat him up daily. After he was released, Hidoiku informed the police that her sister, Okashi Sero, would be taking care of him. He went to live with his aunt for about 4 months; she lived close by his elementary so he didn't need to move schools. But by the time his mom was ready to take him back, Sero didn't want to leave. So arrangements were made and Sero ended up living with Okashi.

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