Request #1: Shield to the face

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This was requested by lovelybubble223

  Peter gets hurt while training with the ex-Avengers and unleashes Tony's protective side. Cue lots of yelling, followed by tremendous amounts of cuddling and fluff from our fav father and son duo.

No warnings or spoilers! Enjoy!!


"You get to train with the Avengers today? Dude, that's soooo cool!" Ned gushed, his eyes widening to the size of saucers as Peter slammed his locker closed. The other teen just shrugged but didn't try to hide the smile on his face.

"Yeah, well," Peter said, cheeks tinted pink. "Mr. Stark has been trying to get me a training session with Black Widow for a while now. It just turns out the rest of them will be there too."

  Ned looked like he was about to fall over from  pure excitement. "Wow! Do you think Spider-man can take 'em?" He asked.

  Peter pursed his lips together. Although excitement completely overcame his nerves, he was still slightly anxious at the idea of fighting all of the Avengers, even if it was just sparring. He wasn't sure he would take them all and come out alive.

  "Definitely not," the vigilante said. "Black Widow alone is gonna kick my ass."

  Ned giggles. "Them thunder thighs are gonna snap your neck before Mr. Stark even says go."

  Peter huffed and pressed a hand to his chest. "And i wouldn't wanna go any other way."

  "Ha! Make sure to have someone take a video so i can play it at your funeral."

  "Of fucking course."

  Laughing like drunks, the best friends hurried down the hall to their next class, death jokes still sitting on their tongues.


  By 2:20pm, the bell due to ring in only a few minutes, Peter had found his excitement had fizzled out and was completely replaced by anxiety. Panicked thoughts overcrowded his brain:

  What if they don't like me?

  What if they completely kick my ass? (Most likely)

  What if they find out my secret identity!?

  Ten minutes later, the bell rang and startled the teen from his stupor. He stood shakily, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and making his way out of the classroom, Ned right on his heels.

  "Omg, omg, omg," Ned breathed. "I can't believe this is actually happening. This time tomorrow, you would've fought the Avengers. The fucking Avengers, man! Omg, i can't breathe I'm so excited!"

  Peter bit his lips, not sure whether to voice his concerns to his overly-enthusiastic friend. He didn't want to burst his bubble with his nerves.

"Like what if they wear their suits? Are you gonna wear the spidey suit?! Imagine fighting Captain America while he's wearing his armor. I think I'd just surrender. I think I'd give up just to admire his body," Ned babbled as the two exited the school building.

  Peter's laugh that came next sounded strained. The more they talked about it, the worse he felt about it.

  "Oh, there's Happy," Peter cut his friend off as he jogged over to the expensive looking car. "See you tomorrow, Ned!"

  "Bye, Peter! Don't die!"

  Thanks. Totally encouraging.

Peter opened the back door and threw his backpack in, climbing in after it. He pulled his seatbelt across his body and took out his phone. He wasn't much in the mood for talking when he felt like he was going to throw up.

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